Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 737

“I’m sorry. I’m just… really busy. Please start breakfast without me.”

Robbie then shut the door.

Outside the door, Henry was crestfallen. I thought Robbie and I were starting to mend our relationship. But it’s clear that he still hates me.

Henry was extremely hurt by this notion.

Robbie was his beloved great-grandson. Hence, he greatly hoped that Robbie would become the next successor. After all, he had spent a large sum of money trying to nurture Robbie. Yet still, they ended up in such a state.

Meanwhile, Robbie felt guilty about his attitude towards his Great-grandpa. He must be so sad…

Suddenly, an eagle cry sounded out from the computer, and Robbie rushed over to check.

The mechanical dove had arrived at Northridge and landed on a large tree. The camera was pointed at the entrance of the villa.

A woman carrying the eagle climbed out of a car, and the eagle flapped its injured wing. After being chided by the woman, it settled contentedly in her arms.

The woman’s slim figure was familiar to Robbie.

He continued to fix his eyes on the computer screen, eager to see her face. Unfortunately, she kept her head turned away from the camera. When she arrived at the door, she suddenly stopped and turned.

Robbie’s eyes widened, and his heart almost stopped.

Alas, the eagle’s wing obscured the woman’s face.

The woman carried the eagle into the villa. Shortly after, a female bodyguard looked towards the mechanical dove with a pair of binoculars. She seemed to be looking for something.

In order to prevent it from being spotted, Robbie had fitted the mechanical dove with camouflage technology.

Hence, no one saw the mechanical dove hidden amongst the foliage.

As expected, the female bodyguard failed to notice anything out of the ordinary. She then walked away with the binoculars in hand, and the other bodyguards started attending to their tasks.

Nonetheless, Robbie was desperate to know the truth. Thus, he kept the mechanical dove hidden in that tree.

He would find out the truth the moment the woman walked out of the villa.

Despite watching the screen for some time, the woman did not appear. They even closed the door.

It looks like she won’t be coming out anytime soon.

However, Robbie continued watching as he yearned for the truth.

At this moment, someone knocked on his door again.

Robbie was speechless. “Who is it?” he snapped.

“Robbie, it’s me,” said Jamie.

“Come in,” said Robbie as he relaxed.

Jamie carried a tray in. On the tray was a plate of hot cross bunnies and a glass of milk.

“Robbie, Mrs. Rawlston learned how to make hot cross bunnies. I saved a few for you. Have a taste.”

“Thank you.” Robbie glanced up at Jamie before returning his focus to the computer screen. “Mrs. Rawlston finally succeeded after so many attempts!” Robbie muttered.

“What?” Jamie was stunned.

“You and Ellie go to school so early, so you didn’t see Mrs. Rawlston practicing how to make hot cross bunnies every day. She fed the failed ones to the other maids, and they spat them out many times.”

Robbie was still looking at the screen as he spoke.

“Ah…” Realization dawned on Jamie. “I praised Mrs. Rawlston just now, and she seemed embarrassed. She told us how she only succeeded after failing many times.”

“Yep, thirty-eight times.” Robbie nodded distractedly.

“Mrs. Rawlston is so nice. Robbie, don’t you want to try one?” Jamie placed the breakfast tray in front of Robbie.

Robbie reached out and grabbed a hot cross bunny. He took a bite and exclaimed, “Hmm, yummy! Please thank Mrs. Rawlston for me.”

Jamie’s mouth fell open, and he could not help but ask, “Why are you acting like this, Robbie?”

“What?” Robbie was stunned.

“Great-grandpa and Daddy really love us. Mrs. Rawlston and Dr. Langhan also treat us well. So why are you shutting them all out?”

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