Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 744

Louis was even smiling charmingly at the camera with that kind of smile that countless women would definitely fall for.

On the contrary, Zachary frowned, and his face darkened as he stared at the picture and asked Bruce, “Ppfftt… Just look at his face! He thinks he’s so good-looking and all that, huh?”

Bruce was at a loss for words and looked at Zachary rather submissively. “Eh-hem… Are you jealous, Mr. Nacht? Might I remind you that he’s your only friend?”

It was true that Zachary had been aloof and arrogant since young. His unapproachable temperament left him with very few friends, and because of that, Louis was his only true friend.

Louis was two years younger than Zachary. From an early age, he had been cautiously protected and unduly pampered. Hence, he grew up in a strict household, where there were all sorts of rules imposed on his life, studies, and even his social circles.

He was raised in the castle and seldom explored the world outside. Everyone he knew was but the noble and prominent men from the upper echelon of the society. Due to conflicts of interests, others from the royal family were somewhat scheming against him.

Apart from that, some businessmen were too mercenary and guileful, and Louis couldn’t really associate with them.

Thus, Zachary was the only one whom he could actually confide in. Even though he appeared a little distant, he would never plot against Louis at the very least.

Besides, they were like the two poles in dualism. While one was reticent, another was expansive. They contrasted each other like ice and fire.

Nevertheless, contemporaneously, the glaring polarity between them was also complementary. Hence, by degrees, a seedling of friendship grew between them.

“And you, Mr. Nacht, are also his only friend,” Bruce added.

Zachary frowned in bewilderment. “What do you mean by that?”

“The two of you always hang out with each other… It makes me wonder if you guys are, perhaps…”

“Bruce!” Zachary cut Bruce off and asked very solemnly, “Do you know why I’ve always arranged for you to work outside?”

“Is it because I’m not a smooth-talker like Ben?”

Bruce himself was also curious about this. He came to the Nacht family together with Ben, and both of them started working for Zachary ever since. Nevertheless, he was always stationed outside, and Ben always seemed to get to stay around Zachary.

He broke his back, but the outcome was often unenviable. On the other hand, Ben could please Zachary effortlessly.

In his opinion, Ben was always in the desired position, and if they were not brothers, he might have long been dissatisfied with such differential treatment.

“You’re bullheaded and not versatile enough.” Zachary eyed him detachedly. “Ben is much more agile than you.”

“I get it now…” Bruce lowered his gloomed face.

“From now on, stay quiet and don’t talk when you’re not required to,” Zachary ordered menacingly.

“Yes.” Bruce lowered his head and went silent.

Soon, their car arrived at South Sea Restaurant.

From afar, Zachary could see the Rolls-Royce of the Lindberg family and the black Maybach, which he had lent Louis.

Getting off the car, Zachary walked toward the restaurant with his bodyguards.

One could hear a romantic piece played on the piano just outside the door, whereas the air was filled with fresh floral fragrance and a hint of sweetness.

As he walked into the restaurant, Zachary paused in his tracks when saw the scene in front of him.

At the piano by the window, Louis and Charlotte were having a piano duet. Together, they were performing Beethoven’s fifth symphony – the Symphony of Fate.

Alongside their remarkable skills, they were so seamlessly and perfectly in sync that they sounded utterly flawless.

The waiters and other diners in the restaurant couldn’t help fixating their eyes on the performing duo. Not only that, but some of them even started snapping photos to capture such a memorable moment…

On the other hand, Zachary was bitter as he looked at them detachedly.

It’s just the piano…

What’s so great about knowing how to play it?

I, too…

Fine, I can’t!

Finally, when the piece ended, tumultuous applause flooded the restaurant.

Right then, some of the diners and waiters were engaged in exhilarated discussions.

“They must be some of the greatest pianists in the world. That was spectacular.”

“That’s right. It’s just that we have totally no idea about their background. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them covered by the media.”

“A truly great maestro doesn’t need any publicity.”

“Not only their skills are phenomenal, but they both look like real-life characters from the fairytales – so beautiful and charming!”

“Exactly! What a perfect match!”

“Judging from the harmonious way they’re interacting with each other, they’re probably a couple!”

“I heard that these roses and balloons in the restaurant today were put up by this man. Maybe he’s planning for a proposal.”

“Wow, that’s great. Who would have thought that we would be able to witness such a beautiful love story today?”

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