Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 745

These utterances brought about an even sullen look on Zachary’s face. With his eyebrows closely knitted together, he strode over…

At that moment, the duo at the piano was smiling tenderly at each other.

Louis’ keen blue eyes were looking at Charlotte with a doting gaze. On his face, his lips curved into a sweet half-moon which portrayed the gratification within his heart.

As with Charlotte, there was also a broad, genial smile on her face. The glint in her eyes was particularly gentle when she looked at Louis.

Side by side, they were sitting on the piano stool, looking so intimate and affectionate toward one another.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Out of the blue, they heard someone rapping their knuckles on the piano.

Everyone in the restaurant shifted their gaze at this mysterious, arrogant, and indifferent dark-suited man.

There was inherent savagery emanating from him, which propelled others to stay away in fear.

Not only that but there was also a piercingly cold glint in his eyes. It was as though he was Lucifer who had risen from hell just to shatter the relationship between these two lovebirds.

In that instance, the dreamy atmosphere dissipated…

All the onlookers retreated timidly and didn’t dare to get too close for fear of being involved in the forthcoming peril.

“Zachary?” Charlotte looked up and showed a long face as soon as she saw that it was him. “What are you doing here?”

“He- He’s coming for me.”

Louis didn’t know the complicated relationship between Zachary and Charlotte and thought that Zachary had indeed come to the restaurant to look for him. Hence, he yanked Zachary to the side and spoke in a hushed voice, “Haven’t I told you not to come? Why are you here?”

“I told you…” Zachary took a glance at Charlotte and reminded him in a solemn manner, “This woman is not a kind soul.”

“Don’t worry about me. I know what I’m doing.” Louis sighed and elbowed Zachary anxiously. “Leave now. Otherwise, Charlotte would be chiding you. She already knew that it was you who brought me to Sultry Night last night-”

“So what if she did?”

Zachary raised his eyebrows and stared at Charlotte dispassionately.

In return, Charlotte was also glaring bitterly at him.

The two of them regarded each other as enemies, and none of them would yield before the other did.

“I know you’re doing this for me, and you’ve come to warn me because you’re worried that I might be deceived…” Louis put his hand around Zachary’s shoulder and added in a low voice, “But I’m already a grown-up. I’m able to discern the difference between what is good and bad.”

“You’re too naive. You don’t understand…” Zachary leaned over and whispered in Louis’ ear, “Not only does this woman have a dangerous identity, but she’s also sulky and violent. Plus, she keeps a wild animal as her pet. It’s said to be an eagle which specifically feeds on men’s eyes!”

“What?” Louis paled in an instant as he was terribly frightened. “It can’t be.”

Bruce, who was watching by the side, lamented in silence. Sir Louis is really a kind and simple soul! Meanwhile, Zachary was not relenting yet.

“Why not? Why don’t you ask her yourself if you don’t believe me?” Seeing that Louis started wavering, Zachary continued persuading him, “There’s one more thing. I heard that she’s sadomasochistic!”


Louis’ eyes widened in horror, and he turned around, taking a gander at Charlotte, and quickly turned back as he said hurriedly, “Where did you hear all these things? That’s impossible! Charlotte is such a virtuous and impeccable girl. She’s not that kind of person!”

“You’re such a silly man. Why would she reveal this hidden side of her to you?”


“Alright, let’s cut this out.” Not giving Louis the chance to say anything else, Zachary held his wrist and was about to take him away, “Come with me!”

“Hold on…”

Louis turned around to look at Charlotte and then at Zachary again. He was in two minds.

Right then, the onlookers couldn’t stand by in silence anymore and started lamenting…

“My goodness. All this while I was under the impression that this blue-eyed handsome was a couple with the lady. And it turns out—”

“I thought this fine young man in the dark suit was here for the girl. Who would have expected he’s actually here for the guy!”

“I know!”

“You people are way too conservative. I’ve seen it coming. This is true love!” A pretty young girl in the crowd rolled her eyes and continued with a smug on her face, “These two handsomes are a glaring contrast which also complements one another. They’re like yin and yang – one is stand-offish when the other is amiable. They are a truly perfect match together!”

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