Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 748

“Deceived? What do you mean by that?” Charlotte gave him a dubious look.

“Um…” It was only then that Louis realized that he had let it slip out, and all of a sudden, he was at a loss for words.

Right in that instance, Zachary came in from outside.

Louis uttered hastily, “Charlotte, we’ll talk about that later.”

Charlotte didn’t press him, but the gaze she cast at Zachary turned even more piercing. This filthy man took Louis to Sultry Night on purpose and even slandered me in front of Louis, huh? I’ll take care of this. Just you wait.

Earlier, Zachary received a call from Henry, who questioned why he wasn’t accompanying Cynthia at the hospital and where he was.

Zachary told him that he had some business to deal with Louis and would be visiting Cynthia later.

As a result, Henry compelled him to be at the hospital before ten o’clock.

At that, Zachary agreed.

Looking at the time, it was already past nine o’clock, and it would take some time for him to get to the hospital. Hence, he was only left with around ten minutes before he had to leave.

“Zachary, your wine is ready. Let’s taste it.”

Louis felt guilty for letting it slipped earlier, so he tried to please Zachary.

The waiter had already poured half a glass of wine for him.

Zachary took a sip and returned placidly, “Not bad.”

“Mr. Nacht, stalking is against the law. Are you aware of that?” Charlotte started suddenly.

“What?” Zachary squinted.

“Why? Do you want me to show you the evidence?” Charlotte scrolled for a picture on her phone. “Isn’t this a gadget from your company?”

Zachary turned and saw two mechanical doves which had been blown up completely. Isn’t that the prototype of Robbie’s research project? How did it end up with her?

“It’s been twice in a row that you infiltrated my house with this sort of inferior technological products to film and stalk me.” Charlotte took her phone back and added detachedly, “I’m considering taking legal action against you.”

“Stalking? Is that true?”

Louis looked at Zachary with an appalled expression. It seemed as though he didn’t think that Zachary would actually commit such an act.

“Sue me then.” Zachary didn’t seem to be bothered. “I can sue you for trespassing and triggering your pet’s prey drive to attack others. Oh, right, that pet eagle of yours is one of the nation’s protected species of which breeding is prohibited!”

“Oh, what do you know? I’ve obtained a permit, and I’m a legal breeder.” Charlotte glowered at him indifferently.

“Are you really keeping an eagle?” Louis paled upon listening to that.

“I do keep one,” Charlotte answered placidly.


“That eagle is predacious. Here’s what it did to me.”

Zachary raised his hand and showed the few deep scars on it which had yet to fully recover.

“My goodness, are these left by the eagle?” Louis was utterly perturbed. “Even a person like you have been hurt, let alone me…”

“That time at the forest near Ashenville Garden,” Zachary looked at Charlotte indifferently as he continued, “if it wasn’t for me, your pretty big eyes would have been long gone.”

“I didn’t ask you to save me.” Charlotte returned crankily.

“Fine.” Zachary nodded and solemnly warned, “Your pet eagle frightened my children at home today, and I have yet to settle this score with you. This is the first warning. If it happens again, I’ll be sure to rid it of its feathers and braise it!”

“How dare you!” Charlotte raised an eyebrow.

“Try me.” Zachary shot her daggers and rose from his seat to leave. “I’m leaving. Take care, Louis.”

“Zachary, Zachary!” Louis called out to him.

But Zachary didn’t respond.

Louis watched as Zachary’s figure slowly disappeared from his sight, and he then turned to Charlotte agitatedly. “Charlotte, why are you keeping an eagle as your pet?”

“I like it, so I keep it,” Charlotte replied coldly. “Is there any problem with that?”

“No…” Louis continued to look at her meekly. “I just think that an eagle is too ferocious, so I have a suggestion. Why don’t you keep some other small pets? If you like birds, I’d recommend keeping a little parrot!”

A little parrot?

For some reason, those words sounded inexplicably cordial to Charlotte.

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