Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 749

“Charlotte, I’ve bought tickets for an opera. Shall we go see it together later?” Louis asked tentatively.

“I can’t. I have other things to attend to.” Feeling bored, Charlotte got up and left.

“Charlotte, Char—”

Watching as Charlotte left, Louis didn’t feel reluctant; instead, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Looking down, there was a scar on the purlicue of his right palm.

It was a bite mark left by the pet snake kept by Danrique. He almost died then.

Hence, even until now, he was still terrified of feral wild animals.

Initially, he thought that Charlotte would be different from her brother, but he didn’t expect that…

Thinking about ferocious beasts sent a chill down his spine.

At that time, Zachary was still driving on the road when a dash of silver darted forward at the speed of lightning by his car.

Eyeing the silver glint in front of him, his lips curled up into a half-smile.

“Is that someone from the Lindberg family?” Bruce saw the silver dash, and he was greatly astonished. “Such staggering driving skills!”

“Yeah,” Zachary responded and then added, “Go after it.”

“Yes.” His bodyguard floored the gas pedal and chased after it.

Nevertheless, the speed of the car in front was too fast for him to catch up.

Zachary frowned and ordered, “Move. Let me drive!”

“Yes, Mr. Nacht.” The bodyguard activated the cruise control and shifted to the passenger seat.

Zachary took over the driver seat from the backseat, and with several smooth operations, the car accelerated immediately and shot ahead at the speed of light toward the car in front.

In the blink of an eye, Zachary’s car had already caught up with the silver one.

Staring at the rearview mirror, Morgan shouted anxiously, “Damn, they’ve caught up.”

“It can’t be. They were so far behind just moments ago.”

Lupine quickly turned around. There it is. The car has really caught up to us.

Very soon, both cars were in parallelism and unison. They were like two flashes of lightning, one black and one silver, which dashed forward at a heightened speed.

Morgan turned around and gasped. “The driver seems to be Zachary!”

“Not the bodyguard?” Lupine turned around again.

Charlotte followed suit, and from the blurred sight outside the window, she saw the familiar figure.

At the same time, he was also looking this way.

“Drive faster!” Charlotte ordered.

“Yes.” Morgan was still speeding up, but no matter how she accelerated, the Rolls-Royce next to her could always keep up without slowing down by even a wee bit.

She was so flustered that she broke into a sweat, and her grip on the steering wheel tightened. At that instant, she dared not slack at all.

“It seems like Zachary’s skills surpassed that of his bodyguards greatly.” Lupine was very concerned for Morgan.

“You’re stating the obvious!” Morgan’s eyebrows were almost knitted together. “His bodyguard’s skill is on par with mine, but Zachary’s adeptness was far beyond my level.”

“Is he really that incredible?” Charlotte stared at the car beside them and uttered all of a sudden, “Get off the highway from the side exit.”

“What?” Morgan was very surprised. That’s a sudden change of route.

“Just do as I said,” Charlotte growled out lowly.

“Yes.” Morgan immediately changed lanes and slid down the ramp.

The sudden departure of the silver Rolls-Royce left its black twin deserted. It was back on its own again.

However deft he was, without any competition and comparison, there was no one to witness his pre-eminence.

Back in the black car, Zachary was rendered utterly speechless. He could never understand how the mind of a woman worked.

He thought that it could be another match for him to showcase his driving skills, but never would he have expected that they were playing foul again…

Women are indeed naturally shameless!

Zachary was disinterested and didn’t even feel like driving anymore, but since the speed had already been heightened, there was no way he could return to the backseat and let the bodyguard drive anymore. Thus, he could only continue driving.

Soon, they arrived at Serene Hospital.

As soon as he got off the car, Zachary saw Spencer, which caught him by surprise. “Mr. Spencer, you’re here?”

“Mr. Nacht was worried and insisted on coming, so I had to accompany him,” Spencer explained. “He asked me to come and wait for you here when he sees that it’s about time.”

“That’s even better than how he treats me.”

Zachary was a little surprised. He knew that Cynthia had been taking care of Henry in these two years, which created a bond between them. Nonetheless, Zachary didn’t expect that it would be so strong.

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