Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 93

Realizing the gravity of the matter, Amanda flew into a fluster as she tried to explain, “Mr. Nacht, my daughter acted too impulsively. She did not intend to create trouble for you. We’re willing to apologize and compensate you in any manner you want.”

“Yes, that’s right. Mr. Nacht, you’re a big-hearted man. Please just forgive her this once,” Simon pleaded after he heard what had happened.

Zachary could not be bothered with them and looked at Helena instead. “You’re the victim here. What do you think?”

“This is the first time anyone has humiliated me like that ever since the day I was born.” Helena was fuming mad, but she tried her best to control her emotions. “But as this is Mr. Nacht’s function, I won’t kick up a fuss… “

She then paused and asked respectfully, “Mr. Nacht, may I hand her over to the police? I intend to get my lawyers to sue her.”

“Please don’t, Ms. Brown… “ Amanda pleaded anxiously. “We can compensate you however you want. Please don’t alert the police. Everyone here is either rich or powerful. Besides, this function is hosted by Mr. Nacht. It wouldn’t look good on anyone if the matter is being blown up.”

Amanda was clear that Luna was the wife of Hector Sterling and represented the Sterlings. No matter how the woman embarrassed herself that night, it would still be kept within the inner circle.

After all, it was Zachary’s function and a closed-door event. No one would dare to circulate gossip about what had happened.

However, it would be a different situation altogether if the police got involved. If Helena approached the media and exaggerated the story, Luna would definitely hit the headlines of major newspapers and be the top search on the internet. The woman would become the butt of the joke of the entire country…

By then, it wouldn’t just be Hector – the other elders of the Sterling family, too – who would hate Luna!

No matter how dumb the woman was, she still understood that.

As such, at that moment, Luna dared not even breathe loudly. She was waiting for her parents to settle the problem for her.

That had been the case ever since she was born…

“Well, that reminds me.” Helena arched her brows and continued, “The auction is still ongoing. How can we spoil everyone’s moods? However, how should I punish you other than going to the police?”

“We can apologize and offer compensation… “ Amanda immediately suggested.

“What a joke! Would I need your compensation?” Helena bellowed. “All you are going to do is apologizing after slapping me? If that’s the case, can I slap you ten times and say ‘sorry’ ten times too?”

“I… “

“I think that’s a good idea,” Zachary suddenly spoke up. “An eye for an eye!”

With the man’s support, Helena said right away, “If you don’t want me to go to the police, fine! Then I’ll have to slap you back. For every one slap you gave me, I’ll slap you ten times. That sounds fair to me!”

“Helena Brown, don’t go overboard… “

Before Luna could finish her sentence, the first slap from Helena had already landed on her face.

Luna’s cheeks flushed red immediately after being hit. Shaking with anger, she glared at the woman in rage.

Amanda no longer dared to speak. Even though her heart was aching for her daughter, she could only surrender to the situation…

“This is one slap,” Helena counted and raised her hand, preparing to strike again.

“Why are you doing such a thing yourself? Doesn’t it hurt your hand?” Zachary suddenly asked.

“Oh, right! Thanks for the reminder, Mr. Nacht.” Helena turned to Amanda, saying sweetly, “Aunt Amanda, I’ll have to trouble you, please!”

The woman looked at Helena incredulously and replied, “You… You want me to do it?”

“Why? You can’t bear to?” Helena cocked her brows and said, “If that’s the case, I guess I’ll have to ask my bodyguards to do it instead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, though. They are quite ruthless. They won’t go easy on her just because she’s a lady…”

“Where are my bodyguards! Come here now!”

“Wait a minute… “ Amanda stopped Helena at once and said, “Fine, I’ll do it! I’ll do it!”

She then lifted her trembling hand as she spoke and slapped Luna gently…

“That one’s not counted!” Helena shouted angrily. “I have to hear the slapping sound and see the red mark on her face. Otherwise, the slap will not be counted.”

“You… “ Even though Amanda was fuming with rage, she had no choice but to slap her daughter with all her might.

“Mom!” Luna burst into tears.

“Why are you crying? Your mom isn’t dead yet!” Helena beamed with delight. “Good job, Aunt Amanda! Carry on!”

Amanda shut her eyes and landed another slap on her daughter’s face.




Helena carried on counting.

Simon also felt agonized as he helplessly watched the scene. However, he could only keep quiet and lower his head in submission, praying for the whole ordeal to be over soon.

Chapter 94 An Eye For An Eye

The guests gathered around to see what all the fuss was about. “Why would he marry such a woman?” one said. “What a disgrace!” said another. People started to gossip about them.

Meanwhile, Charlotte remained silent. She knew Zachary was avenging her.

Amanda’s hand was tingling from slapping Luna repeatedly across her already swollen face. The mother-daughter duo hugged each other as they burst into tears.

Shortly afterward, Amanda wiped off her tears and asked, “Ms. Brown, are you happy now?”

“Off you go.” Helena waved her away.

Simon went up to help them, but Zachary stopped them from leaving. “Did I say you can go?” he asked in an icy voice.

Luna shuddered. “What else do you want from me?” she wept.

“Zip it.” Simon tried to stop her from making another scene.

“Fine.” Amanda took a deep breath, approached Charlotte, and executed a deep bow. “Ms. Windt, I’m sorry for raising my hand at you last time. Please, let me atone for my rudeness.”

She slapped herself continuously as punishment.

“Mom!” Luna bawled as Owen grabbed her hand. “Mrs. Sterling, stay out of it. You’ll make it worse.”

She could only watch and weep in despair at her mother’s suffering.

Charlotte’s eyebrow knitted into a frown. Although she had no wish to see Amanda in such a plight, she couldn’t forget how the woman had mistreated her children.

“Enough!” Simon couldn’t bear to see his wife in pain. “Charlotte, do me a favor. I’m pleading for your mercy. Please spare her.”

His earnestness somehow appealed to her. “I think we should just let it slide,” Charlotte uttered softly.

“All this time, did she ever have mercy on you?” Zachary shot her a glare to shut her up.

A loud thud punctuated the silence. Simon gasped in shock when he saw Amanda lying on the ground.

“Amanda!” He hurriedly pulled her into his arms.

“Mom! Wake up! Mom, don’t scare me!” Luna shook her shoulder to wake her up.

“Send her to the hospital!” someone shouted.

Simon immediately picked Amanda up with Luna following closely behind.

“Mr. Nacht, Ms. Windt, please excuse me.” Owen left.

There Amanda goes again! Playing the same, old disgusting trick whenever she is in unfavorable conditions.

Charlotte turned around. The bystanders looked at her. They seemed to blame her for what happened.

It suddenly dawned on her. It was human nature to feel empathy for the weak, even Luna, despite her rudeness and arrogance.

They blamed Charlotte because she had talked Zachary into punishing the mother-daughter duo which put a strain on Amanda and caused her collapse.

People would have rebuked her, saying she was the wicked witch and Zachary was not to blame for that incident.

The auction was still ongoing. Everyone returned to their seat.

As Zachary and Charlotte prepared to leave, she saw the pink diamond ring under her feet. She bent down, picked it up and passed it to Helena.

“Thanks,” said Helena with a smile on her face before she returned to her seat.

Charlotte stared at her while she walked away. It reminded her of how they used to fight over Hector back then. Helena was utterly fearless and bold, which sometimes would get on her nerves. However, Charlotte had never hated her.

After all those years, they finally met. Although they didn’t have a chance to catch up, Helena hadn’t uttered an unkind word to Charlotte. On the other hand, her cousin, Luna who was more like a sister to Charlotte tried to set her up repeatedly.

I guess that’s human nature.

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