My Hockey Alpha chapter 16 by Werewolf

Chapter 16: Last Day


It was Monday, which meant that it was finally my last day of my internship. All I had to do was get through the day, and then I could go to the dean and tell her that I still wanted to be reassigned.

Truthfully, I sort of enjoyed sports medicine. I liked Tiffany, too, and was sad that I would be reassigned. But it was the only way to get myself untangled from this mess with everyone. I just hoped that the drama wouldn’t be too bad today after what happened at the party on Friday night.

I made it to my shift around nine in the morning. Tiffany was sitting at her desk, looking at paperwork when I walked into her office.

“Good morning!” she said in her usual chipper voice. “Are you ready for round Chapter 16 Last Day

two of the physicals?”

I nodded, even though I really wanted to scream. Tiffany had already explained to me what would entail during the physicals –we took vitals and performed general health checks during the first round last week, then today we would be putting the hockey players through rigorous physical tests to make sure their hearts, lungs, and muscles were performing properly.

While we walked over to the arena, Tiffany explained to me that she wouldn’t normally put the other sports teams through such in-depth tests; since the hockey team was internationally renowned and would be trying out to compete in the Olympics next year, the president of the school allocated extra funding toward these

tests just for the hockey team.

When we arrived at the arena, the team was already there and performing Chapter 16 Last Day

drills. Enzo looked up when he saw Tiffany and I and came over. I blushed, keeping my gaze averted as I felt his cold gaze fix on me. I didn’t know how or when I would address what happened on Friday night — or if I even wanted to bother.

“We’ve got a long day ahead of us,” Tiffany said to Enzo, setting down her medical bag. “Can you start sending the boys to the weight room, two at a time, for their full body exams?”

“Yeah,” Enzo replied. “But you should know we’re one short, so we have an odd number today. Justin couldn’t make it this morning.”

Tiffany frowned. “Why not?”

“He got sick over the weekend,” Enzo said. “Food poisoning.” Judging from the way his eyes flickered over to me and glared at me coldly, I knew that he was lying. Was it just that Justin didn’t Chapter 16 Last Day

want to see me today, or did Enzo make

sure he couldn’t come?

“Oh well,” Tiffany said. “I’ll do his test another day.”

We spent the next couple of hours testing the hockey players in pairs. The boys would have to strip down to their underwear so we could put them on a special scale that measured their body composition, then we would hook them up to the ECG machine and have them run on the treadmill to test their heart. Next, we would have them perform different tasks to test their fitness abilities: pull-ups, push-ups, and so on. After that was done, they would do various stretches for us to test their flexibility, and for some of the less flexible players or those who had acute pain, we would assist them in their stretches.

It was a bit awkward at first to see all of

the boys in their underwear, but I soon

got used to it.

Finally, we were almost at the end; but instead of being relieved that the tiring day was almost over, I was stressed out because the only person left to test was none other than Enzo.

Enzo came into the weight room after getting undressed in the locker room. He strode in with confidence, not caring that both Tiffany and I could see the massive bulge in his underwear. His abs were tight and prominent, and the muscles in his thighs made me blush.

“Alright,” Tiffany said nonchalantly as she looked at her clipboard. “Get on the scale, please.”

“With pleasure.” Enzo stared directly at me as he stood on the scale, his gaze unwavering. He looked like a statue of a god on a pedestal. I gulped and walked up to him with my clipboard so I could read the results of the body Chapter 16 Last Day

composition test, my hands shaking as I wrote the numbers down.

That was strange… Enzo’s body composition contained far more lean muscle mass than his teammates. His body fat was less than 10% and his water retention was at a perfect balance. He was almost superhuman.

I furrowed my brow as I wrote down the measurements, but before I could say anything, Tiffany had him step off the scale and get on the treadmill.

I nervously hooked up the ECG machine to Enzo, my fingers brushing his rock- hard abs as I placed the stickers on his skin. The whole time, he stared down at me. His eyes were red and glowing in the same way they did that night we slept together. It made me feel like prey, like he just wanted to grab me and bite down on me. While it made me a bit frightened, I hated to admit that there was something about it that

turned me on.

Once again, his ECG was far superior than his teammates. While his teammates would eventually tire out after ten or so minutes of sprinting on the treadmill, Enzo went on for so long with little change in his heart rate that Tiffany made him stop.

“There must be something wrong with the machine,” Tiffany said, sounding confused as she tapped the ECG monitor thoughtfully. “No one’s heart rate stays the same like that… You two stay here. I’m gonna go get some new stickers for the machine. I’ll be back in a jiff!”

Just like that, my worst nightmare came true: I was alone with Enzo.

As soon as Tiffany left, I averted my gaze to the floor and walked to the other side of the room, pretending to check the results of the team’s fitness Chapter 10: Last Day


“I saw you kiss Justin on Friday,” Enzo suddenly blurted out. I turned around to see that he was much closer than I had thought; he was standing right behind me. How did he get across the room so quickly and quietly?

“I-I didn’t kiss him,” I said, taking a step back and trying not to stare at Enzo’s body as he loomed over me. “He kissed me. He was drunk. I didn’t want him to. Besides, why would it even matter if I did? You and I are not together.”

Enzo looked a little hurt, but only for a moment before his eyes flashed red again. I shuddered as I saw his pupils dilate like… like a wolf.

Just then, Tiffany returned with the new stickers, “Found em!” she said. In the blink of an eye, Enzo was back on the treadmill as though he had never

been standing next to me, and Tiffany was none the wiser. How did he do that? He moved so fast…

At the end of the tests, I recorded the results and was again stunned to see how superior Enzo’s abilities were compared to his teammates. He aced all of the tests, and even his flexibility was perfect. He was like a walking god.

Enzo returned to the locker room to get changed.

“I have to run to another

appointment,” Tiffany said, handing me her clipboard. “Could you clean up here and take everything back to my office?”

I took the clipboard and nodded. “But, Tiffany-” I said, wanting to tell her that I would be requesting a reassignment today. But she was already gone.

I sighed and cleaned up, resolving that

I would just have to talk to Tiffany on another day to explain the situation.

When I was finished, I headed through the locker room to get to the exit.

Surely everyone was gone by now, so I wouldn’t see anything… but then, I suddenly bumped into none other than Enzo.

He had a towel wrapped around his waist and was headed toward the showers. When I saw him, I yelped and averted my eyes.

“Sorry!” I said. “I didn’t think anyone was in here.”

Enzo simply chuckled. I went to move around him, but accidentally bumped into him and knocked the towel loose. It fell to the floor around his feet.

My eyes went wide when I saw Enzo’s entire cock.

“I-I-“I stammered, but no words

would come out as my eyes were fixed on his semi-erect member. Even without a full erection, it was still huge.

“What?” Enzo said, stooping to pick up the towel and cover himself again.” You’ve already seen me naked. Why so shocked?”

My face turned bright red. Before I could respond, Enzo stepped toward me, backing me into a locker with his huge body. My pussy throbbed as I suddenly thought about what it would feel like to have sex with him again, right here and right now, up against this row of lockers.

“You know,” he said, stooping lower to whisper in my ear. “Ever since we slept together, I can’t stop thinking about you…”

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