My Hockey Alpha chapter 213 by Werewolf

However, when I pushed open the door of the locker rooms next, Enzo suddenly dropped my hand and stopped in the doorway.

I felt a lump rise in my throat; had 1 gone too far now? Was he regretting all

of this? “A-Are you okay?” I stuttered as I

turned to look at him.

But he didn’t answer. His eyes were fixed on the inside of the locker room.

And I knew from the way his eyes widened and his mouth hung open ever so slightly that he was right on the verge of breaking through Selena’s spell.

Chapter 213: In the Locker Rooms


As Enzo stood in the doorway looking into the locker rooms, his mouth hung open and his eyes widened. I knew, in that instant, that he was beginning to remember even more. I wanted to jump on him and hug him tightly, but I contained myself in order not to freak him out again and simply held the door open a little wider to let him in.

Slowly, Enzo walked into the locker rooms and began to look around. I

stood off to the side and watched as he paced around through the rows of lockers, completely silent while he processed everything.

Eventually, he stopped in front of the locker that used to belong to him. It still had his things inside, and as though it was instinct, he lifted his hand and began to turn the dial on the lock.

My eyes widened as I watched him. He was completely focused on the combination lock as he turned it one way, then another, stopping at a number each time. And then… The lock popped open.

He swung the locker door open and reached inside. I felt my heart swell as I watched him retrieve his hockey jersey. It was a dark green color with burgundy piping our school colors – and had a large number “1” on the back with his name above it: “Rivers”.

“Rivers…” he mumbled, holding the jersey up to the light. “Enzo Rivers.”

As he spoke, his voice shifted,

returning to its natural cadence. I felt my stomach jolt as his hands changed, then his arms, his legs… His body slowly morphed back into its natural state as the spell that disguised him. melted away. He stood there frozen for what felt like an eternity, just holding the jersey in his hand.

And then, he suddenly turned to look at me.

“Enzo?” I whispered, my voice shaking.

He didn’t answer. He dropped the jersey to the floor and rushed at me so quickly it was almost as though he was flying. I felt tears begin to stream down my cheeks as he approached, and suddenly, his arms were around me, touching my waist, my shoulders, my neck and my hair, then he cupped my


“Nina,” he whispered, gazing into my eyes as I sobbed in front of him, my entire body trembling with excitement that he had broken the spell, “I’m so sorry. I’m here now. I’m here.”

“Just kiss me,” I murmured.

Without a moment of hesitation, Enzo kissed me. He kissed me deeply and softly, and his lips sent a shock wave through my body. To think that just a few days earlier I had thought that I would never feel myself in his arms again, and now he was holding me once more, kissing me deeply. I could feel the faint presence of my wolf inside of me, growing ever so slightly stronger the more he kissed me.

Enzo wrapped his arms around me and picked me up while we kissed. I wrapped my legs around him, feeling him press me between his body and the

wall. His lips traveled across my jaw and down my neck, causing me to shiver all over.

I thought that I would never see him again, and yet here he was. Somehow, my scent drew him to me after everything, and he had broken through Selena’s brainwashing. Even though there was still the threat of Selena finding out and brainwashing him again, I didn’t care at that moment. I just wanted to feel Enzo all over, to touch him and kiss him in those locker rooms.

When he finished sucking on my neck, his lips met with mine again. He held me tightly, never releasing his lips from mine, as he carried me over to the showers. I felt my panties get wet as we entered, the simple thought of making love beneath the water causing my entire body to tingle. When he set me down I could feel his hard cock through his jeans, and without hesitation I began to fumble at his belt so I could take him in my mouth and taste him again after being apart for too long.

But before I could manage to unbuckle his belt, we both suddenly stopped as we heard the locker room door bang open.

“Enzo?!” Selena’s shrill voice echoed into the locker room. “I know you’re in here.”

“Shit…” Enzo whispered, looking around frantically as Selena’s footsteps began to approach. He then locked his eyes on the bathroom stalls and shoved me over to them. “Hide,” he said, so quietly I could barely hear him and could only see his lips moving.

I wanted to stay in the open and stay with Enzo, but I knew that he was right. If Selena found him here with me, there was no telling exactly what she would do; but if she thought that he just wandered in here by herself, maybe she wouldn’t be so harsh on him. Enzo shut the bathroom stall door as I climbed up onto the toilet to hide my feet, just moments before Selena appeared in the doorway. Thankfully, I felt my wolf retract herself as though she was recoiling at Selena’s presence, thus hiding my scent. I knew she wouldn’t be able to smell my scent as profoundly as Enzo could, but I was still frightened that she would pick my scent up just a little bit.

“Baby? What are you doing in here?” she asked suspiciously, glancing around. I could just barely see her through the crack in the stall door, which Enzo was standing in front of.” And why is your disguise off?”

“Sorry,” Enzo said. “I had to use the bathroom. I guess I got comfortable being by myself and the disguise wore off.” Selena was silent for a moment; she didn’t seem to believe him, but somehow I knew it didn’t matter. Because in the next instant, she suddenly lunged forward and grabbed a fistful of his shirt, taking him by surprise and causing him to stagger forward.

“You don’t remember anything,” she said, her voice dreamy and

manipulative. “You’re mine. Got that?”

Enzo went quiet. I felt my heart leap into my throat as I saw his appearance begin to shift back through the crack in the stall door; she was dazing him.

That was what this was all along. And although I wanted to jump out and get in the way, I couldn’t be certain if Luke put a hex on her yet, and I didn’t want to risk her suddenly opening a portal and leaving with Enzo. So instead, I kept quiet with my hand clamped over

my mouth, and watched with wide eyes.

“Tell me I’m your only girl,” she growled.

“You’re… You’re my only girl.” Enzo’s voice sounded flat, monotone. She had him in her grips again, and before I could do anything, it was too late. With a grin, Selena grabbed Enzo’s wrist and yanked him out of the locker rooms.

A pit grew in my stomach as I realized where they were going: the woods.

I would have to follow them and stop them from leaving before it was too late. I couldn’t lose Enzo again.

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