My Hockey Alpha chapter 248 by Werewolf

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 248 My Hockey Alpha Chapter 248: Control Nina Selena groaned miserably as she sat on the forest floor with her back propped up against a tree. Enzo and I threw each other a concerned glance before both of us stared down at her.

I didn’t see any other injuries aside from where she hit her head when the Luna pushed her, and my gut told me that she was exaggerating her pain. Whatever the Luna was doing to us earlier, I realized now that we were safe and free of pain, was purely psychological. Theoretically, Selena shouldn’t have any pain other than what was in her head, but the way that she kept rubbing and wincing all over her body made me think otherwise

I still didn’t know exactly why she came along with us, but as my wolf slowly returned to consciousness after her long coma, she explained it to me; and my suspicions about the twin bond were right. “She must have tagged along when you two teleported,” Cora explained. “I didn’t do it on purpose. It was because of your twin bond. Although…” “It’s better this way,” I responded mentally as I continued to stare down at my whining twin sister. “

It’s better if she’s here, with me, where the Luna can’t kill her and thus kill both of us.” Suddenly, however, Selena seemed to be out of control of her maturity and decided that she was too angry to sit around any longer. She suddenly scrambled to her feet and tried to make a run for it, causing Enzo and I to just stare after her incredulously for a moment as she tried to run through the dark forest. With a sigh, Enzo walked after her — she wasn’t very fast as a human — and grabbed her shoulder, causing her to scream. “Get away from me!” she shrieked, wrenching her shoulder away from Enzo. “Murderer! Traitor!” “Calm down!” Enzo replied, holding his hands up in surrender. “No one is trying to hurt you.

You’re going to hurt yourself, though, if you keep acting like this with that head injury.” “Don’t tell me what to do or how to react,” Selena snarled, jabbing her finger into Enzo’s chest. “I’ll scream if I want to!” Selena then opened her mouth to scream, but before she could, Enzo sighed once more and poked his thumb into the center of her forehead. Before she could even react, his touch made her eyes flutter closed and her knees buckle beneath her. Enzo caught her before she fell onto the ground, then looked over at me with confusion written across his face.

“Maybe we should take her somewhere to keep an eye on her until she calms down,” I said, passing a hand over my tired face. “She’s only going to get herself — both of us, actually — hurt.” Enzo nodded and scooped her up in a fireman carry, then walked over to me. “We’ll have the pack keep an eye on her.” … Now that Selena was asleep for the time being, Enzo and I took her back to the infirmary. We also had no way of knowing exactly how long it would be before the Luna came after us, or if she would even come after us. She was so different from Selena;

her tactics were still a mystery to us. We didn’t know if we would need to prepare to fight, whether we would need to hole up and hide, or even whether we should leave down for everyone’s safety. Not only that, but it was also becoming apparent to me that the Luna was potentially working with the Crescents. She seemed to be under the impression that all humans needed to be cleansed from the earth, which was a distinctly Crescent philosophy. For all we knew, she would send a horde of Crescents to come after us and take over the town again. It was late when we arrived at the infirmary.

I hadn’t realized just how long we had actually spent in the werewolf realm; it all felt like a blur. We were lucky that Frank had even been willing to help us, because without him our journey would have been even longer; but the fact that Selena supposedly killed, tortured him, or both, made his help feel like it was in vain. I felt as though I had led an innocent man to death. When we arrived at the infirmary, however, my thoughts were instantly broken by the view of all of our friends sitting around the table. They all jerked their heads up as we opened the door, their mouths hanging open with surprise. “Enzo?! Nina?!” Luke shouted, having been the first to see us, and jumped up from his chair.

It was a happy, yet tearful, reunion. I hugged my friends for what felt like an eternity, sobbing into their shirts as I tried to string together everything that had happened since I last saw them in a coherent way. None of it really made sense, though; I was in such a state of shock from it all that it didn’t even make sense to me, and I had lived it. It wasn’t until Enzo explained everything that our friends finally seemed to understand what happened. “

So… She’s human now?” Jessica asked, staring down at Selena’s sleeping body. We’d laid her out on one of the infirmary beds, and she looked shockingly peaceful for the first time since I had met her. For once, her face actually looked soft and innocent and not evil. I nodded. “Thanks to Enzo,” I said, looking up at him with a weak smile. “He’s the one who snuck in the antidote.” Enzo shrugged. “You thought quickly, too,” he replied, gesturing toward the wrist that I had dug the knife into. It was already healed now that my wolf had returned, not that it had ever been that deep of a cut anyway. As soon as I saw the flash of bright blue in Enzo’s hand, I knew that I only needed to distract Selena long enough for Enzo to inject her, and so I only pretended to cut my radial artery.

“How did you know it would work?” Luke asked, his eyes wide. “The antidote, I mean. You’ve never used it on full-blown werewolves before, right? Only rogues?” “Neither of us knew for sure,” Enzo replied quietly. His arms were folded across his chest as he looked down at Selena. “We just had to hope that it would work. And if it didn’t…” His voice faltered. I reached out then and took his hand, squeezing it gently. “It doesn’t matter what would have happened if it didn’t work,” I said. “What matters is that it did work. And we know more about the antidote now, which could be helpful against the Crescents. Which, by the way…” I paused, licking

my lips, and swallowed the lump in my throat. “We should be on guard. I think the Luna might be working with them. The only other person who might know for sure is her.” I pointed at Selena. There was a silence before Matt suddenly spoke up. “We’ll keep her under close watch,” he said firmly.

“When she wakes up, we can question her. Now that she’s a human, she’s not so strong or scary. Not at all.” I nodded, still staring down at my sleeping twin sister. I hoped that Matt was right; hopefully, when Selena woke up, she would be able to offer some information on the Luna’s plans. If not… We would be in the dark.

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