Never Late, Never Away Chapter 135

“It looks like you really are concerned about my wife,” Finnick slowly uttered after a long pause. His voice was calm, but the feeling it gave off was inexplicably ominous.

When Fabian heard the possessiveness that Finnick had towards Vivian from Finnick’s voice, a surge of anger bubbled within him.

Since Finnick and Mark’s relationship wasn’t great, Fabian didn’t really have much respect for his uncle. He dropped his polite act and scoffed, “Yeah. After all, she was my first love.”

Fabian said that to get a reaction out of Finnick, but Finnick maintained his cold smile as he said slowly, “Thanks for your concern.”

All of a sudden, the words died on Fabian’s lips. He finally lost his temper when he saw the smugness on Finnick’s expression. He sat up abruptly on the bed and yelled, “Finnick, cut the crap and tell me why you came to me.”

Finnick simply flashed a cold smile in response when he saw how frustrated Fabian was. “Of course I’m here to thank you for saving my wife.”

In fact, Finnick meant his words.

Even though he was displeased at the fact that Fabian was the one who rescued Vivian from the fire, but if it wasn’t for Fabian, Vivian might’ve suffered even more injuries.

Despite his sincerity, his words pricked Fabian’s ears like needles.

Enraged, Fabian laughed, he stared mockingly at the wheelchair-ridden Finnick and scoffed, “That’s right. I was the one who saved Vivian from the fire, unlike a certain someone who would’ve only burdened her even if they were there, right?”

A dark haze loomed over Finnick’s expression instantly and even Noah was angered by that statement. Noah stepped forward and hissed, “Fabian Norton, what the hell do you mean by that?”

“I think I made myself very clear.” Fabian’s smile faded as he looked at Finnick’s legs. “How can a disabled person like you ever give Vivian the happiness she deserves? If someday Vivian and you faced some sort of danger, would you be able to save her? No! Because you’re a crippled piece of sh*t! You can’t even-”

Before Fabian could finish, Finnick grabbed Fabian’s knees that were covered under the blanket.

Surprised, Fabian demanded, “What are you doing?”

He then tried to shake Finnick’s hands off, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t free himself from the immensely powerful grip.

“I’m just teaching you some manners as a family elder.” Finnick’s expression was as ambiguous as ever.

“You crippled sh*t!” Fabian was a man of pride, so it was natural he couldn’t stand Finnick’s humiliating threats. He struggled even more as he roared, “Let go of me!”

However, Finnick’s expression darkened further and he exerted more force with his palms.

All of a sudden, Fabian felt a sharp pain radiating from his knee and he fell backward weakly on the bed.

“Stop using the word ‘crippled’ every chance you get.” Finnick’s voice had a hint of menace in it as compared to his calm tone before. “I can make sure that you spend the rest of your life on a wheelchair just like me.”

Instinctively, Fabian wanted to rebuke him, but he was genuinely scared now because of the pain on his knees, so he held his tongue.

He knew that even though Finnick was wheelchair-ridden, he had the ability to cripple him because Finnick learned all sorts of self-defense techniques since young.

Fabian smirked coldly when he saw that Finnick finally kept quiet. He let go of his knee and left without saying a word.

“Finnick!” Before he left the room, however, Fabian yelled his name from behind.

Even so, he didn’t stop moving.

“I could’ve rescued Vivian from the fire without her suffering any injuries. But, she fought tooth and nail to retrieve something and that caused us to be trapped in the fire!”

Hearing this, Finnick finally stopped in his tracks.

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