Never Late, Never Away Chapter 164

“Is there anything wrong with it?” Vivian replied without a second thought since she deemed it to be fine.

“What about this?” Finnick grabbed Vivian’s shoulder with all his might and brought her closer as he asked.

Vivian nodded vigorously and told him, “That’s even better!”

Finnick was at a loss of words with a grim expression on his face.

This is better? Is she aware of the potential consequences of her wish? It seems like she has no idea what’s in store for her at all!

Finnick darted a stern gaze at Vivian. By the time she noticed something was wrong, it was already too late because she had been pinned by Finnick on the couch.

Vivian realized what Finnick was up to and flushed embarrassedly. Yelling hysterically with all her might, she retaliated against him, “Move away from me, Finnick! Don’t you dare do this with Yasmin! Otherwise, I won’t forgive you!”

Finally, Finnick felt a sense of relief when he heard Vivian’s warning.

Oh? It turns out she has a bottom line as well, huh? Am I not supposed to do this with Yasmin? Does that mean it’s fine to do this with her?

He held her firmly in between his arms.

“S-Stop it, Finnick…” Vivian’s knees turned to jelly as she was about to yield herself up to temptation.

As soon as Finnick sensed Vivian’s reaction, he stopped holding back and started unzipping Finnick’s dress.

“I’m so sorry, but there isn’t anyone available to snap our photos.”

Finnick ran his lips across Vivian’s body in a seductive manner. She was about to let loose of herself because of how great it felt. He knew his way around her. Thus, he could easily arouse her and lure her into the session he had been longing for.

Finally, Vivian stopped resisting and wrapped her arms around Finnick’s back in return.

She had never once shown others this side of hers. Finnick detected the arousing scent from Vivian’s body. He had a great time, caressing her gently as they proceeded.

Before long, the passionate duo merged as one on the spacious couch.

Finnick was pleased. He had a great session with the timid Vivian who was in between his arms.

He had been searching for intimacy with her all this while. In fact, Finnick wanted to keep Vivian by his side for the rest of his life.

The next morning, Finnick was the first one to rouse from his sleep.

As soon as he woke up, he placed a blanket over Vivian since she was still sleeping soundly on the couch.

After the exhaustive session they had over the night, she must have been worn out.

Vivian seemed to be a delicate doll due to her ethereal facial features, including her flawless side profile, her curvy eyelashes, and her pointy nose.

Finnick’s eyes flickered as he thought about Vivian’s seemingly absurd request.

As absurd as it might sound, she brought it up in front of him because she had grown increasingly reliant on him. Hence, she had the audacity to ask him to get himself involved in a scandal with Yasmin for her sake.

He tried his best to put himself in her shoes, but they couldn’t see eye to eye. Finnick had a hard time fathoming the fact Vivian could tolerate Yasmin’s presence by his side.

Shouldn’t she behave selfishly? Is she incapable of being jealous? It’s our relationship that’s in the picture! If I were in her position, I will never allow others to get their hands on her! They’re not even allowed to stare at her in the eyes!

Previously, Finnick almost taught Mr. Hark from Q City a lesson when he tried to take advantage of Vivian. Up till now, he still held a grudge against Mr. Hark due to the incident back then.

Meanwhile, Vivian was the exact opposite of him. She had gone overboard, making use of him over and over again in order to accomplish the task that had been assigned by her supervisor. Nevertheless, he understood how tough it must have been on Vivian’s side as well. He witnessed his hardworking wife’s determination as she had been waiting for the right moment at the exhibition hall yesterday.

She wanted to prove to others that she was worthy of respect and recognition. All she wanted was to prove them wrong and showed them she was a changed person.

As soon as he sorted things out in his mind, he excused himself and made a call.

Suddenly, Vivian woke up and detected a racking sensation coming from her back.

Finnick returned to her side as soon as he wrapped up the conversation. He sat by her side and wrapped his arm around her waist, instructing her to place her head on his shoulder.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to get into another fight with you, but I have no intention to get in touch with Yasmin unless it’s necessary.”

“I’m aware of the things you have in mind as well. I guess I got overly pumped up because I couldn’t wait to finish the assigned task.”

Finnick felt a sense of relief because Vivian behaved timidly, nodding as she had reflected upon her actions and found herself reckless.

At the same time, he couldn’t wait to figure out the way Vivian behave if she got jealous since she had always behaved herself whenever she was around him.

“You want to finish your task, right? I will definitely help you to accomplish the task that has been assigned to you. I have just gotten in touch with Yasmin and asked her to join me for dinner tonight. I’ll allow you to take all sorts of photos tonight,” Finnick told Vivian.

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