Never Late, Never Away Chapter 169

Finnick cast a stern gaze at Yasmin, sending a chill down her spine.

Consequently, Yasmin shuddered and took a step back, moving away from the duo.

“Ms. Ziller, that’s it for today. I’ll see you when I see you,” Finnick stated indifferently with a poker face.

Yasmin couldn’t believe her ears because she had been forsaken by Finnick without a second thought.

She glared at Vivian and thought that the woman in front of her was to be blamed.

If she didn’t show up out of anywhere, I might have a perfect date with Finnick! I shouldn’t have underestimated this woman!

Yasmin felt aggrieved. She was clueless about Finnick’s sudden change of behavior. Initially, things progressed the way she had wanted them to be. Soon, she would get Finnick to join her in bed, yet someone showed up out of the blue and brought her plan to an abrupt halt.

Finnick couldn’t be bothered with Yasmin anymore. He told Vivian, “Let’s go.”

They ignored Yasmin and left the restaurant using the back door.

Once Vivian got into the car, she texted Sarah and Ken, making up an excuse to cover the reason behind her abrupt departure.

Throughout their way home, Vivian remained silent because she felt threatened by Yasmin’s presence.

She turned the idea repetitively in her mind and came to the realization that she had become over-reliant on Finnick.

The truth was, she was afraid; she would feel uneasy whenever she recalled the way Yasmin tried to seduce Finnick. Although she had faith in Finnick, she was afraid fate would bring them apart once more.

A sense of insecurity engulfed Vivian because Finnick might one day gave in to those seductive women out there. Perhaps he would get sick of her sometime in the future.

If worse came to worst, Finnick might even leave her behind for another woman since she was merely an ordinary woman with a complicated past.

Although Finnick assured her she should let bygones be bygones, Vivian was afraid things would take a drastic turn of events for the worse in the future. If the mastermind showed up, their relationship might just end miserably.

Due to her relationship with Finnick, she would have to keep an eye out for Yasmin from now onwards.

She was exhausted because she would have to deal with the mean and cruel Ashley as well.

Vivian had a poker face throughout the entire journey. They remained silent as they made their way home. In fact, they didn’t talk to each other even when they had reached home. She changed into a set of pajamas and nestled on the couch idly, losing herself in the process of thought.

Finally, Finnick thought it was about time to break the silence.

Yasmin was never a threat. In short, she was but of a trivial existence. He had merely been making use of her to affirm his thought. Hence, Finnick didn’t want to have a fight with Vivian over Yasmin.

“It’s been a long day. I’m sure you’re exhausted. Why don’t you go ahead and take a shower?” Finnick stood up and walked over to Vivian’s side, caressing her hair as he suggested gently.

Raising her head to look at him in return, Vivian moved her lips as though she had something to tell her husband, yet she changed her mind and decided to keep it to herself.

Since Finnick was aware of what she had in mind, he decided to break the silence, asking in return, “Are you angry? Why did you refuse to talk to me throughout our way home”

Vivian shook her head and told him, “No, but Yasmin has gone overboard. To be honest, I think she looked disgusting.”

She refused to admit she was angry. Otherwise, her husband might deem her a petty woman.

Nevertheless, she was in a foul mood because of Yasmin.

Finnick chuckled and assured his wife, “I have hired Yasmin to be the company’s spokesperson because she’s the best candidate in terms of compatibility with our targeted audience.”

As Vivian couldn’t figure out the rationale behind Finnick’s explanation, she turned around and stared at him in confusion.

Is he trying to explain the reason he’s affiliated with Yasmin lately?

All of a sudden, Vivian felt great because Finnick had always been known as an indifferent and arrogant man.

However, such a domineering man took the initiative to explain the rationale behind his action to sort out the misunderstanding between them. Hence, the infuriated Vivian felt a sense of relief.

“If she’s merely a spokesperson, why did she go to great lengths to win you over?” Vivian asked in return as she couldn’t keep the things she had in mind to herself anymore whenever she recalled Yasmin’s seductive look.

“Shouldn’t you confront her instead? It seems like there’s a slight misunderstanding going on, huh? Did you think I have hired her to be our spokesperson because I’m up to something else?”

Finnick finally figured out Vivian’s concerns. After all, Yasmin had been in showbiz for years. She had never failed in getting the men she desired. Therefore, it would be normal for Vivian to perceive her as a formidable foe.

“As a matter of fact, I have never once enjoyed being around Yasmin, but a certain someone has been bringing up some absurd requests repetitively,” Finnick lowered his gaze, staring at Vivian in the eyes as he announced.

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