Never Late, Never Away Chapter 170

Vivian flushed unwittingly because Finnick was merely a few inches away from her.

Indeed, she was the one who insisted on Finnick having a meal with Yasmin. She had no rights to be jealous at all since she was the mastermind behind everything.

Oh, God! This is so embarrassing!

Consequently, her lips twitched involuntarily as she thought about it.

Finnick held her in between his arms and asserted with a gentle smile, “You look exceptionally gorgeous tonight.”

She lowered her head with a sheepish grin, wrapping her arms around her husband’s neck.

Really? I don’t think there’s anything exceptional about me, right? I have the usual set of outfits I have put on for work every day. There’s nothing special about my make-up either.

Once she thought about it, she moved her hands away and brought the one last thing she had in her mind up. “What are you talking about? I’m not a match for Yasmin in terms of look. She’s such a sexy and gorgeous woman who knows how to doll herself up perfectly. The dress she put on highlighted her busty figure to the maximum.”

“What about it? I have never taken a liking to ostentatious women like Yasmin before,” Finnick chuckled as he replied.

He meant it. As compared to Yasmin, Finnick had always deemed the innocent-looking Vivian to be far more attractive.

Never had he appreciated the presence of those ostentatious women around him.

Immediately after they wrapped up their conversation, he lifted her and brought her into the bathroom.

“Where are we going?” Vivian asked with reddened cheeks.

Gently, Finnick replied in a husky voice, “Let’s take a shower together.”

Vivian’s already reddened cheek flushed even more. She was about to turn down his suggestion, but Finnick lowered his head and kissed her on the lips, rendering her incapable of speech. “You’re the one at fault today. Thus, you’re not allowed to turn me down as you’re being punished.”

Upon hearing her husband’s domineering statement, she had no choice but to follow him into the bathroom.

Shortly, the tap started running in the bathroom. The entire bathroom had gotten warm and misty. Vivian’s cheeks had the tone of a cherry tomato as the session began.

The next morning, after Finnick dropped Vivian off, he returned to Finnor Group on his own.

It was a relatively idle day. Hence, he leaned against the chair after the conference they had in the morning.

He perused the report that had been delivered to him, but suddenly he heard a commotion outside of his office. Noah yelled, “You’re not allowed to enter the office!”

Finnick sat upright immediately as the uproar had interrupted his process of thoughts.

A woman had barged into Finnick’s office. She was none other than Yasmin.

Noah, who was outside, rushed into Finnick’s office immediately. “Mr. Norton, she doesn’t have an appointment, but she insisted on making her way into your office.”

Finnick frowned in return, but he beckoned Noah to return to his position and leave everything else to him.

Yasmin had put on an entirely different outfit. As compared to the usual exposing outfit she had, an oversized coat could be seen over her. She had a conservative look contrary to her usual thick make-up.

She ran her fingers through her unkempt hair and put on an innocent front as she told Finnick, “Mr. Norton, I’m so sorry for showing up as an uninvited guest, but I can’t resist the urge to drop by because I have been missing you!”

“Have I not made myself clear last night?” Finnick asked, knitting his eyebrows to express his frustration.

He instructed, “I want you to get out immediately. I don’t have time for you.”

Yasmin pursed her lips as she had no intention to leave. She stepped forward and took Finnick by surprise, removing the oversize coat she had, exposing her bare body beneath the coat.

Finnick’s face darkened as it was evident Yasmin was up to no good.

Those who knew him well could tell that he had been provoked and about to explode or he wouldn’t have remained silent in such a manner.

Nevertheless, there were only a mere few who could read Finnick’s mood. Therefore, Yasmin thought she managed to seduce Finnick and rushed over to his side, holding him in between her arms.

“Mr. Norton, I know you have a thing for me! I won’t poke my nose into your business, but I want to become one of your many women! I really— O-Ouch—”

Finnick pushed Yasmin aside before she could even finish her sentence.

“I want you to get dressed and get the heck out of my sight at once!” Finnick delivered his instruction indifferently with a poker face.

Yasmin refused to give in just yet. She brought herself over coquettishly, exposing her flawless and busty bosom in front of Finnick.

“Mr. Norton, I’m willing to do anything for you! Please take me!”

Finnick’s face puckered in irritation. It was evident that he had lost his cool because Yasmin had crossed his bottom lines.

Immediately, he called Noah and instructed, “Send the security guards to my office immediately! I want them to chase the filthy woman out of my office at once!”

Yasmin’s face turned pale. She wailed as she was on the verge of breaking down, “Mr. Norton! Why? Since you are taking the ugly duckling seriously, why can’t you take me seriously as well? Does that mean I’m not a match for Vivian?”

The moment Finnick heard Vivian’s name from Yasmin, he furrowed his eyebrows. He asked in a serious tone, “How did you figure out her name? Did you ask someone to check her background?”

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