Never Late, Never Away Chapter 246

“It’s truly creative of Fabian to make you conduct this interview. Alright then, I’ll try my best to answer all your questions, but under one condition. I’ll allow only you to interview me. Can your colleagues go take some photos of the fair and help publicize it?” He asked.

Sarah and Ken were a little disappointed, but they slowly made their way to the hall.

Vivian thought about it for a moment. Benedict wasn’t a person they could invite so easily. Since he had said so, she could only agree. Both of them then headed to his office.

There was a coffee machine in the office. Not long after he poured some coffee beans into it, the office was filled with the aroma of coffee.

“You like coffee?” Benedict asked.

“How did you know?”

“I guessed.” He replied.

In truth, Benedict had investigated Vivian, so he knew almost everything about her.

While she was still pondering over his words, he suddenly asked her some questions.

Placing the freshly brewed coffee in front of her, he said, “I added some milk in it, it’s good for your body. After being with someone like Finnick for so long, you’ll need something warm and sweet.”

Fine, maybe Benedict is right. But that’s what he sees on the surface. Finnick is always cold in other people’s eyes, but I could feel his warmth all the time.

Perhaps that’s how he treats someone he loves and someone he doesn’t.

“Vivian, why did you marry Finnick? Was it for money, reputation, or status?” Benedict questioned her bluntly.

Urghh, he’s like everyone else. Despite the beautiful features he has, he seems to be an elusive person.

“Mr. Morrison, your question does not have anything to do with the interview today. These are my personal matters, and I refuse to answer that.”

Vivian didn’t want to discuss her relationship with Finnick with outsiders as it was the agreement and secret between the two of them. Even the elder Mr. Norton didn’t know about it.

She continued, “I know you don’t have a good impression of me because of Finnick. However, I’m here today for an interview for the antique fair. This is a great PR opportunity for Morrison Group. Who knows? Maybe the share price would increase.”

Benedict flung up his hands as he said, “No, no. It’s not like what you’re thinking. I don’t dislike you. I was just reminding you to be careful when it comes to cold and heartless men like Finnick. You need to prepare yourself that he would abandon you ruthlessly one day, just like how he did to Evelyn.”

Vivian finally understood. She knew now why Benedict was always giving Finnick the cold shoulder, and why he was always cynical to her. So he couldn’t get over his sister’s death. He had always misunderstood Finnick.

She said to him, “Mr. Morrison, you’ve misunderstood him.”

“Misunderstand? Vivian, you’re really naïve. Everyone knows about the fire. Am I the only one who misunderstood him? Don’t be deceived by Finnick. Wise up and divorce him at your soonest. Leave that evil man!”

Leave Finnick? How could I do that? I’ve always trusted him. I know he wouldn’t lie to me.

Benedict added, “He was able to abandon Evelyn and run away just to protect his own life. Do you think he wouldn’t do that to you, someone he met by chance? What if both of you are in a life-threatening situation? Do you think he would put you before himself? Or show his love for you and say that he loves his wife? Vivian William, you’ve got to wake up from your dreams!”

Benedict’s words sounded like Finnick was such an unbearable man, as if the latter was a dirty bastard. Vivian found it unfair to Finnick as Benedict was accusing him of something that hadn’t been concluded.

She insisted, “Mr. Morrison, you really did misunderstand him. Finnick didn’t abandon Evelyn. It was she who told him to leave the place and get help from other people. He didn’t escape out of selfishness. He had been so upset because of this incident. Besides, he keeps all Evelyn’s stuff in great condition. He doesn’t even let me touch them. Your sister is always in his heart, and it will be forever.”

“Forever.” Benedict couldn’t help but feel sad at the mention of Evelyn.

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