Never Late, Never Away Chapter 248

The moment she reached home, Finnick was reading a magazine on the couch.

At the sight of her, he asked, “You’re early today.”

“Oh, there was an interview this afternoon. I came straight home after that.” Vivian answered half-heartedly.

She stared at the back of Finnick, thinking if she should ask him about the fire.

After hesitating for a moment, she couldn’t resist but ask, “Finnick, you found out information about me being framed two years ago. Didn’t you or grandpa investigate the kidnapper from the incident back then?”

Vivian thought that if they could find the abductor, maybe they could find out how Evelyn died. That way, Finnick wouldn’t have to suffer from all the insults anymore.

Then the emotional entanglement in Benedict’s heart would be unraveled. Maybe he could even make up with Finnick. Both of them used to love Evelyn after all.

Finnick asked curiously, “Why do you ask suddenly?”

“I-I was just curious.”

Finnick asked her to sit beside him as he said, “I found him, but…”

His voice trailed off.

In fact, Finnick had found information about the incident, but he didn’t want to tell Vivian about it.

He didn’t mean to hide it from her, but he didn’t want to drag her into this matter and put her in danger.

“Why did you ask?” Finnick replied with a question instead.

After hesitating for a second, she gritted her teeth and grabbed hold of Finnick’s hands. Her eyes staring into his, “I just don’t like it when other people misunderstand you. They keep saying that you abandoned Evelyn.”

Finnick furrowed his brows tightly together.

What exactly did she go through today? Did people leave mean comments online? Is that why she gets emotional and wants to set the record straight? Or is there some other reason?

“Don’t worry,” He said while holding her hands. “I’ll find out whatever I can by all means, but now isn’t the right time.”

Finnick’s answer was rather ambiguous but Vivian trusted him, so she nodded and stopped questioning him.

The next day when she was about to get to work, Finnick offered to send her to the office.

In the car, he suddenly dropped a question, “Did anyone at the magazine company pick on you when your identity was revealed?”

She shook her head and answered, “Nope. When they found out that I’m the president’s wife, they couldn’t wait to butter me up. Guess what? I got recognized at the antique fair yesterday. It’s so embarrassing! It feels so weird and I’m not used to it at all.”

Finnick felt relieved that no one was causing her any trouble. After all, he had made lots of enemies and also fans all these years. He was afraid that Vivian would be in danger.

He stopped the car at the entrance of the magazine company and Vivian got down from the car.

After she left, Noah reported, “Mr. Norton, Mrs. Norton was still in the car earlier so I didn’t say anything. I’m getting close to finding out who framed her two years ago, but I still need some time before the truth becomes clear.”

Even though there were some hurdles, it was obvious that the group of people hindering him weren’t a match for Finnick. Although Noah took a longer time, he was getting closer to the truth.

Satisfying, Finnick said, “Good job. Look into every clue you find. I’ll be waiting for good news.”

The assistant was naturally happy when he received encouragement from his boss.

He added, “Also, about the girl who saved you ten years ago. The dress she wore was limited edition, only ten people in Sunshine City bought it. As long as we could retrieve the customer list and rule them out one by one, we’ll be able to find her.”

Finnick nodded. “Do your best and get to the bottom of it.”

He couldn’t wait to find out about the person who set Vivian up and show gratitude to the little girl who saved his life.

Meanwhile, at the magazine company’s lobby, Vivian was welcomed by multiple people’s gazes. Whatever. I’ll just slowly get used to my life as Mrs. Norton.

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