Never Late, Never Away Chapter 271

Along the bustling streets, Vivian anxiously tried to flag a cab down. Sadly, none stopped for her.

Her panic grew – she was going to be late for her grandfather’s birthday party if this predicament continued.

She tried calling Finnick, hoping that he could give her a ride. Unfortunately, the line just could not get through.

What on earth is he doing? Does he not know that I’m going to the birthday party?

Finnick’s lack of response only compounded her misery.

While she was sulking along the walkway, Fabian walked out of the mall. A gift bag hung from his fingers.

Vivian’s desperate figure quickly caught his eye. “Vivian? Why are you here?”

Observing the gift bag in her hands, Fabian guessed, “Where are you heading to? The Norton Residence?”

Vivian likewise noticed Fabian’s gift bag and chuckled. “What a coincidence! You’re heading there too? Is that a gift?”

“Yeah, the old man suddenly called and announced that he’s holding a birthday party. This sort of thing only happens once in a blue moon.” Guessing that Vivian could not get a ride, he added, “Let’s go together – I’ll bring you there.”

Vivian hesitated – it seemed a little unbecoming of her status to accept his offer. “It’s alright, I’ll get my own cab.”

Glancing at his watch, Fabian replied teasingly, “You’re never going to get a cab at this hour. Just come with me – it’s not like I’m going to bully you or anything.”

Giggling at his comment, Vivian figured that making the elder Mr. Norton unhappy by being late was a much more undesirable scenario. “Okay then, let’s go.”

The two entered the car.

The peak hour was unforgiving. The roads were jammed and the pair found themselves stuck behind multiple red lights. To lighten the mood, Fabian switched on the radio. Coincidentally, the station was playing a song that was popular during their college years.

“Hey, do you remember this song? Back then, there was a guy from our course who sang this song during a gala dinner to woo a girl. But his performance was horrendous – I’m not sure if he sang anything in tune.”

Fond memories came rushing back to Vivian. Her lips curled naturally as she replied, “Ah yes, I remember that whole fiasco. The best part of the story is that the girl was actually so touched by his act that they got together! We always mused back then that fortune truly favored the fools.”

University life tended to be full of interesting and silly happenings. Some people had such a memorable time that they had enough tales to retell for an entire lifetime.

These past memories threw Vivian into a trance. But she quickly snapped out of it, realizing that this conversation was a little too inappropriate. Changing the topic, she asked, “Anyway, do you know why Grandpa suddenly wanted to host a meal? It’s such short notice… I thought his birthday party would have been in preparation since a few months back.”

Fabian explained, “Great Grandpa doesn’t really like anything that’s too extravagant. Moreover, his birthday happens to be Great Grandma’s death anniversary too. Therefore, he’s usually reluctant to celebrate his birthday. We assumed that this year would be the same, which was why we didn’t prepare anything beforehand. But to our surprise, he said he wants a party all of a sudden. It threw all of us off guard.”

This explanation clarified many things for Vivian.

But it also ended the conversation. Vivian fell into silence, and the pair carried on with the journey in awkwardness.

After what seemed like forever, the Norton Residence came finally in sight. They alighted at the villa’s entrance.

However, the massager Vivian was carrying was too bulky for her figure. Due to slight carelessness, Vivian found herself losing her balance. Luckily, Fabian swiftly came to her aid and held her back from falling.

“T-Thank you.” She muttered before pulling away from his arm wordlessly.

But to her surprise, Fabian suddenly tightened his hold on her.

Vivian furrowed her brows in confusion. Just when she was about to protest, a black Bentley pulled into the driveway. The two froze as the car door opened.

From the vehicle, a wheelchair emerged. Beside it stood Ashley.

Vivian was struck dumb. Her face paled.

Finnick, who has been uncontactable for the whole day, is with Ashley?

The other three similarly had a look of disbelief. They never expected to meet each other in such a manner.

The whole party stood rooted to their spots. Varying sentiments stirred amongst the four.

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