Never Late, Never Away Chapter 294

After puking her guts out, Vivian felt a lot better.

I’ve been feeling rather nauseous lately. Must be the morning sickness kicking in. Her spirits soared at the thought even as her heart swelled with love.

Washing her hands at the sink, she took a moment to stare at her reflection. She seemed to have lost a little weight. Despite that, she was still buoyed at the thought of being a mother.

When she returned to the office, she noticed everyone staring at her with wide grins.

Did something happen?

Her voice was cautious as she asked, “Err… Did something good happen, guys?”

Sarah walked up to her and said, “Congratulations, Vivian! You are pregnant, aren’t you?”

So it was you! Busted!

Feeling a little shy, Vivian murmured, “Yeah… I-I’m pregnant.”

Sarah swept her into a bone-crushing hug, squealing loudly. It was almost like she was the one pregnant and not Vivian.

In her excitement, Sarah shook Vivian agitatedly as she babbled, “Wow, you’re so amazing, Vivian! You’re going to be a mother! Mr. Norton is going to be a father!”

Jenny hastily stopped Sarah’s movements, berating her, “Let go of her! Pregnant women shouldn’t move so roughly, especially in the first few months. Their pregnancy is still not stable yet! You’re going to hurt her!”

Gasping, colors drained from Sarah’s face as she released her grip on Vivian immediately.

Smiling, Vivian assured her, “I’m okay, Sarah. I’m not that fragile yet.”

The rest of her colleagues swarmed over, eager to congratulate her. They also reminded her to be careful from now on.

Shannon had not expected that Vivian would get pregnant so soon. This means that her position in Finnor Group just got much more secure!

She began to regret her previous actions, hating herself for offending Mrs. Norton.

Squeezing forward, Shannon pasted an ostentatious smile on her face as she simpered, “Oh, congratulations, Vivian! You’re so lucky!”

Sarah and Jenny rolled their eyes at Shannon’s rapid change in attitude.

Sarah could not help sniping, “Wow, Shannon, your attitude changes faster than the blink of an eye! You used to have it out for Vivian all the time previously. What, are you regretting your actions now?”

“Shut up!” Shannon glared at Sarah. When she turned back to Vivian, she was all smiling. “Ignore her. I apologize for whatever misunderstandings we used to have. You’re a magnanimous person. You won’t hold my past actions against me, will you? We’re all still colleagues and good friends, right?”

Vivian twitched her lips into a stiff smile. “I won’t hold a grudge against you. We’re all colleagues here. I’m grateful for everyone’s well-wishes.”

Seeing how everyone was so attentive to her, Vivian was touched.

Ever since they found out about her identity as Mrs. Norton, that brought them all closer together. They laughed and joked with each other a lot more. Never would anyone talk badly of her behind her back again. Nobody would call her dirty or accuse her of being a homewrecker again.

Humans are so realistic.

Just as everyone was chatting cheerfully, Fabian appeared.

The cold expression on his face effectively silenced everyone.

His gaze was locked on Vivian as he stated, “Come to my office. I want to talk to you.”

Her colleagues shrank back in their seats at the tension they could sense coming from their Chief Editor.

Left without a choice, Vivian obediently followed Fabian into his office.

Sarah and the rest craned their necks to look. Once the two entered the office, they murmured amongst themselves, trying to guess what he had to say to her. They noticed how he always had an odd look in the eyes when he stared at her. Sometimes, he acted like he had a grudge against her; Other times, it was the complete opposite and he treated her kindly.

As she was pregnant, Fabian gestured for Vivian to take a seat.

However, deep in his heart, he found himself unable to accept that reality.

His lips trembled when he asked, “They were talking about how you are pregnant. Is that true?”


“Vivian, are you really planning on staying with Finnick for the rest of your life?” He growled. Anger crept into his tone as he continued, “You can’t give birth to that baby! Have you forgotten what you and your mother went through? Do you want history to repeat itself?”

At first, Vivian was taken aback by the seriousness of Fabian’s words. Then, her expression hardened.

Why does my pregnancy have anything to do with what my father did? Finnick is not Harvey Miller. He won’t do to me what Harvey did to my mother! Comparing the two of them is just outrageous!

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