Never Late, Never Away Chapter 319

She hailed from a prestigious alma mater and possessed an honorable degree. Elaine is practically flawless!

Not only that, after her graduation, she went on to win numerous accolades in her field.

According to rumors, Elaine was young and beautiful.

Such ambiguous details made Elaine all the more enigmatic. It piqued Vivian’s interest further as she pondered about Elaine’s choice.

She grew even more excited about the interview set to take place in three days.

When she returned home after work, she noticed “Back to the Past” was still chatting with her.

Vivian: You’re still here?

Back to the Past: Yep.

Vivian: Hey, can’t you just divulge your identity?

Back to the Past: Nope.

Vivian: But why?

Back to the Past: The time is not ripe.

Vivian: Since you know who I am, I must know who you are as well. Why can’t you just tell me?

Back to the Past: You’ll find out soon enough. I’m going offline now. Remember, cherish all that you have at present.

Vivian: What does that mean?

Back to the Past: Nothing, I just think you’re very blessed right now.

Vivian: So…?

There was no response.

In the days that followed, their conversations were largely the same.

What bewildered Vivian greatly was the reply that “Back to the Past” gave every single time she asked a question: You’ll find out soon enough.

It was like being given candy. She was told there would be a surprise, yet there were no details on what it was going to be like.

She felt the words “Back to the Past” said were always bizarre and unfathomable.

This “Back to the Past” user on Twitter seems to be someone living around me. It’s as though they have eyes on me at all times. They know everything about me like the back of their hand…

She gathered that it was probably someone she knew personally. Despite racking her brains hard, she couldn’t think of anyone.

While she was bemused, she had an unsettling feeling that something terrible was going to happen sooner or later.

It was as though something of significant importance to her was going to be robbed from her. Regardless of how much she struggled to salvage it, it still slipped out from her hands.

“Who is this person?” Vivian mumbled to herself.

Just then, the entrance lit up. Finnick removed his shoes and placed them in the cabinet before changing to slippers.

“Finnick, you’re back!” Vivian stuck her head out from the kitchen and patted her hands dry on her apron.

She placed a dish on the table and instructed, “Go wash your hands. Dinner will be ready soon.”

There were only the two of them at home, so there was no need to prepare so much food. Without Mrs. Filder around, Vivian casually whipped up two dishes.

Although Finnick wasn’t picky about food, Vivian tried her best to avoid serving him leftovers.

After dinner, Vivian proceeded to do the dishes. She thought of “Back to the Past” again.

I wonder if Finnick knows the person?

It didn’t hurt to try. After she was done with the dishes, she took out her phone and showed Finnick the Twitter page of “Back to the Past.”

“Um… Finnick, do you know this person?” Vivian enquired with hesitation.

He took her phone and carefully scrutinized the profile before shaking his head.

“Nope, I don’t know him,” Finnick answered and patted Vivian’s shoulder gently.

“Back to the Past” didn’t post much on Twitter, so it was understandable that Finnick would not have much clue.

Based on the picture and biography section alone, there was no way they could discern the identity of “Back To The Past”. As someone who had been chatting with the person for a long time, Vivian hadn’t even come close to uncovering his identity.

At night, when she was bathing, Vivian accidentally dropped her phone into the water.

She hurriedly wiped her phone dry and attempted to reboot it to no avail.

“Finnick!” she called out.

“Yes? What’s the matter?” Finnick responded from the other side of the door. He thought it unusual that she suddenly asked for him while bathing.

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