Never Late, Never Away Chapter 366

He grabbed her arm gently and pinned her on the cupboard door. Stroking her cheeks, he asked helplessly, “Vivian William, what is it that you’re so scared about?”

What am I afraid of? Vivan asked herself the same question.

The way Finnick protected Evelyn; how he was stunned when he saw me wearing the same clothes as Evelyn; his cold face when he told me he didn’t like Blue Enchantress and wanted me to throw it away; his smile when he wished her happy birthday… Multiple upsetting images flashed across her mind.

How could all of these memories revolving around Evelyn not make me fearful at all?

He can’t seem to forget Evelyn. She has such an impact on him when she was dead, what more now when she’s not?

Thinking about all these, Vivian’s was so broken-hearted that her tears slid down uncontrollably. How long can our relationship sustain? What would be the last straw, the reason for us to split?

Keeping quiet, she continued to lower her head. Within moments, pockets of tears plopped onto the ground.

Finnick lifted her head, only to find streams of tears running down her face from her swollen, red eyes.

He sighed while attempting to use his thumb to wipe away the tears. “Is it because of Evelyn?”

Vivian did not know how to respond to his direct questioning.

Yes, I’m very bothered by Evelyn’s presence in our lives because you’ve loved her so much. Not a day has gone by with you forgetting about her in the last ten years. Her necklace, ball pen… each item left behind by Evelyn was treated so preciously. Now that she’s back, how could I not care nor think about her?

Can I tell Finnick all these? What will he think of me if I told her that I don’t want Evelyn in our lives? Surely, he’ll think of me as a wicked woman. Who would possess such vicious thoughts about a person who has escaped death?

She shook her head slightly and wept even more. She found it hard to deceive herself and Finnick.

She nodded her head with all her might. Sobbing intermittently, she asked, “Will… will you leave… me… for… Evelyn?”

“Silly girl.” Finnick embraced her lovingly. “Don’t you worry. Evelyn’s presence will never affect our relationship one bit. Our chapter has ended. To me, it’s all in the past.”

“Then… you said you wanted to talk it out. What’s it that… that you wanted to talk about? Wasn’t it about Evelyn?” She could not believe her ears and stammered between sobs.

“No. I wanted to talk about our last argument.” He felt sorry to see her dissolving into tears and yet found her inexplicably cute.

Obviously, Vivian was outrightly jealous of Evelyn and realizing that made Finnick over the moon.

“Our last argument?” Vivian was confused. Is he still crossed?

“Yes. At that time, I agreed to leave the country for a meeting because I wanted to give both of us some time to cool down. However, I regretted my decision the moment I boarded the plane. How could I leave you alone at home and go off like that?

“I should have comforted you. Vivian, I admit that it does remind me of Evelyn when I see you wearing those clothes. That’s the main reason I told you I didn’t like them and that the style doesn’t suit you at all.

“I’ve buried everything about Evelyn in the past. I don’t want her in our lives, not even a trace of her shadows. I like you for who you are and not because you remind me of her. Vivian, can you understand what I’m saying?”

Hearing his explanation, Vivian was moved to tears. She hated herself for not choosing to believe in him. Why did I lose faith in him and doubted his feelings for me just because of some tittle-tattles?

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