Never Late, Never Away Chapter 380

However, she had always sensed a strange of closeness when it comes to Benedict. Now that she had heard him said those words to her, Vivian felt even more moved.

Following a few hours in the hospital, Vivian considered whether to leave the hospital since Evelyn had not awoken yet. As if reading Vivian’s mind, Benedict stated, “Vivian, Evelyn is fine now. I can guard here by myself. You can go home first.”

Vivian felt a little embarrassed because instead of staying with Evelyn as she mentioned earlier, now she wanted to leave first. However, she assumed that Evelyn wouldn’t want to see her when she regained consciousness.

“Alright, then I’ll go back first. Take care of yourself.” Without coming up with excuses, Vivian told Benedict and left.

She returned home to find Finnick already back from work.

“Didn’t I say I’ll ask Noah to pick you up? Why did you come home by yourself?” In fact, Finnick informed Noah to be on standby before leaving work. Finnick didn’t expect her to come home without saying anything.

“It’s alright, I happened to come across a cab when I was walking out.”

Finnick did not want to dwell on that topic, then he asked, “How’s Evelyn?”

Upon hearing Finnick ask about Evelyn, Vivian’s heart sank immensely the moment she recalled the scene from this afternoon where he carried Evelyn to the hospital in a panic and brushed her aside.

However he seemed to be rather calm upon mentioning Evelyn now, so it was better for her to not say much.

“I’m not too sure. When I left, she wasn’t awake yet.”

Finnick nodded and did not say much after that.

As soon as Vivian woke up the next morning, she packed up and went to work at the magazine company. It wouldn’t make her feel good if she were to skip work for another day after taking so many days off.

“Hello everyone, long time no see.” Despite her smile and joyful greeting, Vivian noticed none of her colleagues responded but stare at her in an inexplicable manner. It was as if their gazes were filled with… pity.

“What’s the matter?” Vivian was puzzled by everyone’s reaction and wondered if she had missed any big news by not going to work for a few days.

Everybody kept doing their own things with their head lowered down. No one answered Vivian’s question.

As she sat down, with a puzzled look on her face, Vivian surveyed her colleagues around her. She noticed that everyone was looking at her secretly. However, the moment their gazes met, they hurriedly turned away and pretended to be busy.

She was really baffled by that. Vivian stood up, walked over to Sarah’s seat and pulled her into the pantry quietly.

“Vivian…” Sarah stared at Vivian worriedly, then she pulled Vivian’s hand while she spoke with conviction, “Vivian, you don’t need to worry. I believe Mr. Norton is not that type of person.”

“Huh?” After hearing Sarah say that, Vivian was utterly confused. “What has this got to do with Finnick? What’s happening, Vivian? Why are you acting weirdly too?”

“Vivian, weren’t you there?” Sarah was also confused by Vivian.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s regarding Evelyn returning back from the dead. Weren’t you at the cemetery?”

So this is the reason why everyone’s acting weirdly. Vivian smiled bitterly. And she thought she missed some big news, not expecting it to be about her. This matter was trending on the internet and widely spread all over Twitter. Everyone would definitely know about this.

“Vivian, you should not believe those words on the Internet, they are all just speculations.” Sarah continued comforting Vivian, “Even though you are not as beautiful as Evelyn, I believe that Mr. Norton is not the kind of person who only cares about appearance. He wouldn’t abandon you for sure.”

Vivian laughed at herself in her heart when she realized that even Sarah, who has always been by her side, didn’t think she was as good as Evelyn too.

When Sarah noticed that her words did not only fail to comfort Vivian, but also made her mood even worse, only then did she realize what she had just said.

“Vivian, I don’t mean that… I…” Sarah panicked as she tried to explain to Vivian.

“It’s alright, I understand. Go back to your work.” Vivian patted Sarah’s shoulder to let her know that she knew she meant no harm.

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