Never Late, Never Away Chapter 382

“Alright Ms. Rachel, I loved your cooking when I was a kid. Since I haven’t had it for so many years, I really miss it.”

“It’s good that you liked it. Tell me what you feel like eating and I’ll cook for you today.” Rachel was filled with joy after hearing Evelyn’s words.

“Baked ribs, garlic butter seared scallops…” After Evelyn listed a number of dishes, Rachel jotted them down one by one, then went into the kitchen with a smile.

When Vivian saw that her mother only asked Evelyn what she liked to eat, but not herself, a deep wave of sadness swept over her. However Evelyn is a guest, so it’s only appropriate for Mom to take care of her.

Seeing Rachel had left, Evelyn let go of Vivian’s arm and sat on the sofa to drink tea instead of conversing with her.

Vivian felt awkward and wasn’t sure what to talk to Evelyn about. Both of them remained silent.

After sitting for a while, Evelyn got up and went into the kitchen as well. “Ms. Rachel, is there anything I can help with?”

“Sure, come on in. Put on the apron so you don’t dirty your clothes.” Rachel’s laughter filled the kitchen.

Hearing laughter from the kitchen, Vivian sat in the living room with tears already in her eyes. She felt like a guest in this house instead.

After a long wait, the food was finally ready. As the three of them sat down, Rachel ushered them to begin eating.

“Evelyn, try these baked ribs. I remember this was your favorite when you were a kid.” Rachel took a piece of baked ribs and placed it on Evelyn’s plate.

“Alright, thank you Ms. Rachel.” Evelyn took a bite and said, “Ms. Rachel, this tastes really good! It’s the same as what I had when I was a kid.”

“Really?” Rachel was overjoyed to hear that, then she said, “Come, try this one.”

As Vivian watched her mother fill Evelyn’s plate with food while completely ignoring her, she felt the tears she had repressed earlier bubbling up from within once more.

I don’t care about other people. However, she’s my mom and the closest person to me in the world. How could it be that she likes Evelyn even more than me?

In an attempt to keep her tears from falling, Vivian lowered her head and continued eating. However, the other two people at the table were talking and laughing, and no one noticed Vivian’s odd behavior.

After they finished their meal and she helped her mother wash the dishes, Vivian could not bear the sight of Rachel and Evelyn laughing and talking anymore. Hence, she told Rachel she had something to attend to and that she needed to leave.

After hearing Vivian was going to leave, Evelyn quickly said, “Just in time. I have something to attend to as well, I’ll give Vivian a lift.”

Rachel responded sadly, “You’re leaving too? Remember to come and visit me when you have the time.”

“That’s for sure, Ms. Rachel. I’ll come over for dinner more often in the future.” Evelyn smiled and gave Rachel a hug.

“I look forward to it. Rachel laughed as she was amused by Evelyn’s remark, then she said, “Alright then, since you girls are busy, you should go ahead and don’t let me hold you back.”

“Alright, take care of yourself Mom. We’ll make a move now.” After she bid farewell to Rachel with a heavy heart, Vivian and Evelyn went downstairs together.

The moment they arrived downstairs, Evelyn asked Vivian, “Vivian, where are you going? I’ll send you there.”

“No thanks, I can take a cab home.” Vivian didn’t want to spend another moment with Evelyn, so she refused.

“It’s not safe for a girl to take a cab alone, I’ll send you.” Evelyn uttered while dragging Vivian to her car.

It would look pretentious if she refused again, so Vivian was left no choice but to get into Evelyn’s car.

“How are you feeling now?” Vivian asked Evelyn when she recalled that she had recently been discharged from the hospital.

“I’m fine, it’s just some regular illness that I have,” Evelyn simply replied. “Vivian, don’t you mind?”

“Mind what?” Vivian didn’t know what Evelyn was referring to.

After taking a glance at Vivian, Evelyn uttered, “About Finnick carrying me to the hospital.”

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