Never Late, Never Away Chapter 409

“Well, I’m back now, so why are you still sticking around, refusing to leave?” Evelyn screeched. Her eyes were full of hatred, as though soaked with venom, as they bore into Vivian. Her once delicate facial features twisted and turned into something much more hideous.

When Vivian heard Evelyn say that, she knew that her captor had crossed the line of reason. So, what she means is, even though I was in a relationship with Finnick, I should have split up with him once she came back and then return her rightful place to her. Is that right?

“Finnick doesn’t like you anymore. Whatever happened between the two of you is all in the past. Plus, we’re already married.” Shocked by Evelyn’s thirst for dominance, Vivian hoped to make her see sense.

Evelyn gave Vivian’s chin another tight squeeze and flicked her head aside. Fuelled by rage, she barked, “If he doesn’t like me, then who does he like? You? Oh, Vivian, you think too highly of yourself. Do you really think you’re a good match for him?”

“Why would you think so? He said it himself – that the two of you are nothing more than business partners now. He doesn’t like you anymore.”

Although Vivian knew that phrasing it that way might irritate Evelyn even more, thus further jeopardizing her own situation, she still chose to go head-to-head with her.

She had had enough. Why does everyone think that I don’t deserve Finnick? Everyone seems to think that only Evelyn has the right to develop a relationship with him. Is it because she has a pretty face… and I don’t?

“Really?” Evelyn smirked with disdain. “So, let’s say – if Finnick finds out that you’re tainted by other men, do you think he’ll still stay with you?”

“What do you mean? Evelyn, what are you trying to do?” Vivian panicked upon hearing the other woman’s words. In order to frame Vivian last time, Evelyn had even been willing to disfigure her own face. She could be that cruel to herself, let alone to other people.

“I’m not doing anything.” Evelyn rose and clapped her hands. With a wicked grin, she revealed her plan to Vivian, who had now fallen onto the ground.

“Imagine. Tomorrow, news of your… involvement with gangsters will be all over the papers and the Internet. All kinds of shameful and scandalous photos of your incident will be exposed to the world. I wonder, if Finnick sees those, do you think he’ll still have feelings for you like you say he does?”

“You wouldn’t dare!” Evelyn’s scheme frightened Vivian to the core. She feared that the madwoman really had the gall to commit such a deed. “If you do this, Finnick won’t forgive you. I’ll tell him everything! You had better let me go this instant!”

“Oh dear, I’m so afraid. Haha!” Evelyn released an evil laugh in response to Vivian’s statement. “Vivian, you pitiful girl. You haven’t learned your lesson, have you? You said the same thing at the café the last time we met. Like I said, everyone will only believe me, not you. That was the case last time, and it will be the same this time too.”

“Don’t believe me? Hmph!” Evelyn shot a glance at Vivian before she shouted to whoever was outside the warehouse, “Come in now, all of you.”

Right after Vivian gave her command, Vivian saw four filthy and hideous men enter the warehouse, all of whom were likely in their forties or fifties.

They were all dressed in rags, their hair dishevelled as though they had not been trimmed in decades. They were also covered in dirt and grime from head to toe. It must have been ages since they last took a shower. Vivian could detect a foul smell coming from the four of them even though they were standing far away.

As soon as the four disgusting men stepped into the warehouse and came face to face with the two beautiful women inside, they began drooling all over. Several pairs of lustful eyes sized up Vivian and Evelyn, enough to make anyone shudder at the sight.

Evelyn seemed repulsed by the four brutes as well. When they walked in, her face showed utter disgust, and, covering her nose with her fingers, she backed away.

“Evelyn, who are they? Why have you called them?” Vivian screamed at the top of her lungs, shaking involuntarily. She fell into emotional collapse the instant she saw those strangers coming in.

Although she had pictured this in her mind before, she did not expect that Evelyn would really do such a thing. She did not think that Evelyn would go to such great lengths to sully her reputation, and those creepy men were the ones she had picked to do her bidding.

Seeing Vivian breaking down and wailing on the ground just two steps away, Evelyn slowly approached her victim. The corners of her lips could not help but curl upwards to match her cruel intentions, distorting her beautiful face. “Hmm, what was it I want them to do? I thought I’ve made it very clear to you just now. Vivian, I’ve carefully selected these four gentlemen here just for you. What do you think? Are you satisfied with them?”

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