Never Late, Never Away Chapter 53

As Fabian spoke, he thought of something once more and his face got smugger. “Oh wait, I forgot that you were already priced like that two years ago. But that was your first time, wasn’t it? Now, you are just a piece of trash that has been toyed with by dozens of men. You should be contented that––”


Before he could finish, Vivian unleashed her anger and sent her palms across his cheeks. She could no longer tolerate his attitude.

The slap was unexpected for Fabian. He was instantly dumbstruck as he held onto his red cheek and looked at the woman in shock and surprise.

Her previously pale face was now flushed red with fury. Tears welled up in her eyes, but she refused to let them roll down her cheeks and bit hard on her lips.

Fabian felt a knife stab through his heart.

Even though he intended to hurt Vivian, his heart ached when he saw her in that state. There was not a tinge of satisfaction he felt.

She continued to glare at him and controlled her tears. Gritting her teeth, she spat, “Fabian, I f**king regret falling in love with you.”

Then, she pushed him away and walked down the corridor without turning back.

Fabian was still glued to his spot, looking as though he lost his soul. After what seemed like an eternity, Zoe walked out of the Department of Finance to head to the restroom and saw him standing there like a statue.

“M-Mr. Norton?” Zoe jumped in surprise.

Fabian finally recovered his senses and looked at her. “Zoe, do you know why Vivian wants an advance on her salary?”

Zoe was in a dilemma. However, Fabian was the Chief Editor and it would not be wise to lie to him. She blurted, “Vivian’s mom is very sick and the treatment is very costly, which is why she asked for an advance. Mr. Norton, please don’t be angry with her.”

Very sick? Hospital bills?

Fabian did not expect such a response and was stunned.

On the other hand, Vivian knew that she was too angry and upset to work. Hence, she swapped her duty with Jenny and took the rest of the day off.

She hailed a cab and headed back to the Norton family’s villa. After she arrived, she walked to the entrance and removed her shoes. However, she was too tired to step in and sat at the door instead, lost in her own thoughts.

Fabian, Fabian… You are just too good.

Whenever I thought you couldn’t hurt me deeper, you always find a more ruthless way to torment me.

Previously, you presented me to another man like a gift! Now, you choose to humiliate with money?

Just as the tears were about to roll down her cheeks, she was lifted into the air. When she recollected herself, she realized that someone was carrying her.

“Ah!” Vivian exclaimed in surprise. From her peripheral, she could make out Finnick’s handsome and distinct features. “Finnick? W-Why are you at home?”

It’s only in the afternoon. Shouldn’t he be at the office?

“I came back to take some stuff,” Finnick stated. He noticed her reddened eyes and turned gloomy. “What about you? Why are you home so early?”

“I don’t have any interviews today. So I came home early…” Vivian tried to smooth over. All of a sudden, she realized that Finnick was standing up and carrying her. Her cheeks turned hot instantly. “Why don’t you put me down… It wouldn’t be nice if other people saw us…”

“There’s no one else at home,” he replied nonchalantly as he walked into the house with her in his arms. “It’s cold outside. Don’t sit at the door next time.”

He placed her on the sofa in the living room and asked her, “Have you eaten?”

Vivian remembered that she was too upset to eat earlier. Shaking her head, she returned the question, “What about you?”

“Not yet.”

“Let me make lunch then.” Since Molly was not around, it was obviously Vivian’s job as the wife to prepare lunch. However, just as she stood up, she realized something and said hesitantly, “I’ll just make spaghetti and meatballs, alright?”

She knew that Finnick was picky when it came to food. For normal meals, Molly’s dishes were always intricately prepared even though they were not exotic delicacies. Furthermore, she would always make a full spread, and Vivian was not confident of replicating that.

Finnick noticed her slightly anxious expression and thought it was rather cute. He pursed his lips and replied, “Sure.”

Upon his words, Vivian breathed a sigh of relief. She placed her purse and phone on the coffee table and stepped into the kitchen.

Just as she got busy, a notification popped up on her phone. It was a message sent to her mobile.

She was occupied with cooking and could not step out of the kitchen. Nonetheless, she was worried that it might be something important from work. Hence, she called out from the kitchen, “Finnick, could you take a look and tell me whose message is it?”

Finnick was reading The Business Times when he heard her. He lowered his head and looked at her phone.

It was possible to see the sender and the contents of the message on her phone without unlocking it. Finnick immediately spotted the name which irked him the most – Fabian.

What upset him even more was the message itself.

The message wrote: Vivian, I’ll lend you the money if you really need it to pay your mom’s hospital bills.

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