Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1123

Chapter 1123 Expelled

In the end, Arielle was the first to break the silence.

“That’s why I said not a single one of these three examples came from Donovan,” she uttered before looking at Selena, waiting for the latter to announce Donovan’s punishment.

Of course, Donovan was not the first student at Maxwell University to have been caught plagiarizing during the thesis defense.

However, he was the first to have plagiarized all of the examples in his thesis.

It was no longer just Donovan’s matter. If that piece of news were to reach the ears of the public, Maxwell University’s reputation would suffer tremendously.

Immediately, Selena’s eyes blazed with fury.

“Donovan Baxter, is San speaking the truth?”

“I… I…” Donovan could not form a complete sentence at all. It was as if a ball of fire had stopped the words from leaving his throat, and no matter what he did, he could not make any sound.

Arielle then gave Donovan a frosty look before calmly stating, “Professors, if you’re doubtful about the authenticity of my words, please feel free to check it out. As far as I know, Donovan deliberately returned to Chanaea yesterday. The reason for his trip is none other than to grab something from his office. If my guess isn’t wrong, the thing he had taken should be my answers to the mathematical problems.”

Instantly, Selena called for a professor.

“Head to Donovan’s dorm and find San’s paper. By the way, her name in Chanaea is Arielle Moore.”

“All right, Ms. Selena.”

The professor was quick to work on it.

Soon, he returned with a test paper.

After comparing the paper with the third example on Donovan’s thesis, they discovered that they were identical.

Without a doubt, Donovan had committed plagiarism.

Livid, Selena threw the test paper in his face.

Jumping up in fright, Donovan blurted out, “Ms. Selena!”

“I don’t want to hear my name coming from your mouth!” Selena spat in disgust. “I don’t have a student like you who plagiarizes their own student’s work. Our university will not have someone like you as their student as well!”

At that, the gears in Donovan’s mind ground to a halt.

In the next second, Selena came to a swift decision.

“Donovan Baxter will be expelled from our university. Make an online global announcement about this as well.”

“Will do,” said one of the administrators before hastening to carry out her orders.

It was then Donovan came to his senses and hastily grabbed Selena’s leg.

“Ms. Selena, there’s a reason for this! I can explain this to you. I was too desperate, which is why I did something as ludicrous as this! I never thought of using someone else’s solution at the start. Ms. Selena, please forgive me this one time! I don’t mind not getting a graduation certificate, but please don’t expel me!”

If he were to be expelled by Maxwell University and have his expulsion announced globally, he would not be able to get a job in ordinary kindergartens, let alone Jadeborough University.

In other words, he could never be a teacher any more in the rest of his lifetime.

Nevertheless, Selena showed him no mercy. “Where are the guards? Call the security guards and have them get him out of here!”

Soon, a guard appeared and towed the maniacal Donovan out of the room before throwing him and his belongings out of the campus.

Once Donovan was out of the university, he would never get the chance to return ever again.

Noah found out about the matter right away.

When he heard that Donovan had plagiarized his student’s work for the three examples, he hammered his chest in regret.

He could not believe that he was that terrible of a judge in character.

All the time he spent on Donovan had gone to waste.

Shortly, the university drafted a global announcement about his plagiarism and expulsion.

Meanwhile, the thesis defense was coming to an end.

Arielle stopped Selena and implored, “Ms. Selena, although Donovan’s terrible, the students he has brought with him are innocent. For my sake, could you please not implicate the students of Jadeborough University who are here for their exams?”

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