Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1124

Chapter 1124 All Over

“Don’t worry.” Selena patted Arielle’s shoulders. “I can tell right from wrong. Donovan’s misdeed has nothing to do with his students. Therefore, I won’t be intervening in their exams.”

Hearing that, Arielle sighed in relief before requesting, “Is it all right if you announce his expulsion a little later? I’m afraid that the students would do poorer in their exams after seeing the news.”

After all, the students from Jadeborough University were not the only ones who had come from Chanaea to take the exams at Maxwell University; there were also students from other prestigious universities.

If the news of Donovan’s plagiarism were to be revealed to the public, Trisha and the others would inevitably be in the spotlight.

Selena’s agreement came easily. “No problem. I’ll make the announcement after the exams are over. However, Donovan won’t be able to return to the university anymore. They can only rely on themselves for their pre-exam preparations.”

Arielle nodded in understanding. She was planning to take some time to give Terry and the others a lesson. Although she did not have any experience in the early admission exams, the university had informed them about what they would be tested on.

After Donovan was thrown out of the campus by the Maxwell University’s guard, the nearby onlookers murmured under their breath while pointing fingers at him.

He did not even need to listen to them to figure out what they were talking about.

Although the news of his expulsion had yet to reach the public, the others knew that he must have broken the university rules to be tossed out of the campus.

Ignoring the looks the others were giving him, Donovan grabbed the guard’s sleeve, got on his knees, and started pleading, “Please let me see Ms. Selena one more time!”

However, the guard flung his hand away and shooed him before re-entering the campus.

Just as Donovan was about to rush after him, the other guards on shift quickly stopped him. “If you try to barge in, we’ll call the cops on you and have you jailed in Lightspring!”

The guards were not exaggerating. In the past, the trespassers, including expelled students who tried to re-enter the campus, were all dealt with by the police.

Having been stopped by the guards and unable to meet Selena again, Donovan flew into a panic.

All of a sudden, he thought of his mentor. Thus, he swiftly called Noah.

Yet, the moment the call went through, his mentor began yelling into the receiver.

“Donovan Baxter, I can’t believe you’re shameless enough to call me! Here I thought that even though you’re not smart and talented enough, you’re a hardworking and serious individual. In the end, you plagiarized your student’s work! Is this your hard work? You’ve thoroughly disappointed me. I truly regretted taking in a student like you!”

Donovan instantly entreated, “Mr. Noah! Mr. Noah, please don’t get mad first. I know I’ve made a mistake. Please help me think of a way to fix this!”

“Think of a way to fix this? Hah! There’s no way around this unless you can turn back the time and not do this horrendous thing. I’m telling you this now—don’t call me again!”

With that said, Noah ended the call.

“Hello? Hello?” Surprised by the sudden silence, Donovan tried to dial his mentor’s number again.

Alas, his call no longer went through.

Noah had blocked him.

It was over for him.

At that moment, a merry voice sounded behind him.

“Don, is that really you?”

Startled by the voice, Donovan spun around and was shocked to find Queenie standing behind him.

“W-Why are you here?”

Oblivious to his plight, she flashed him a smile and said, “That’s what I was going to ask you! Did you know I was coming to look for you? Is that why you’re waiting for me here?”

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