Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1125

Chapter 1125 Car Accident

Queenie was overjoyed.

Donovan’s recent change in behavior had convinced her that he was finally falling for her.

Even without Vinson, I can still have a blissful marriage that others envy.

However, she watched as his expression visibly darkened in the next second. In a cold voice that sent chills down her spine, he snarled, “Why are you here? Get lost!”

Donovan had always been a man with a big ego. To him, Queenie was nothing but a tool meant for him to pass the time. Yet, that very tool had just witnessed the most devastating moment in his life. There was no way he would be able to take it calmly.

Frightened by his tone, she took a few steps backward before asking with a pale face, “D-Donovan, what’s the matter?”

“Did you not hear me?” he snapped before landing a slap across her cheek. “Get lost!”

At that, Queenie held her aching cheek and ran off, tears falling from her eyes.

Never did she expect her husband to respond to her enthusiasm with a slap. She had even brought congratulatory gifts and flowers for him with her.

Anger, misery, and disappointment flooded her senses as she ran across the road without looking at the cars. Right then, a speeding car slammed into her.

Followed by a loud bang, Queenie was sent flying two meters away.

That thunderous sound and horrifying scene gave Donovan a fright. It was never his intention to have her hit by a car. He had only been incensed at that moment and wanted to retain his dignity before her.

While dashing toward her, he cried out, “Queenie? Queenie!”

The shrieks and apologetic words merged with all kinds of din, turning the entrance of the campus into a chaotic scene.

Unlike what was going on outside, the inside of the campus was peaceful as ever.

Arielle kept the matter about Donovan from Terry and the others except for Jared.

After hearing what had transpired, Jared clapped gleefully. “A shameless teacher like him should have been driven out a long time ago. If someone like him can get into Maxwell University, I think I’ll do just fine.”

Arielle smiled. “I don’t think you have any problems entering Maxwell University too. The same goes with Terry. However, I’m not so sure about the others. How about this? Let me tutor them for the last two days. I hope I’ll be able to help them score as many marks as possible.”

Her suggestion excited Jared. “I’d like to go to the classes too!”

“Come, come.”

Just as those two words passed Arielle’s lips, she received a call from Sasha.

“Queenie got into a car accident right outside the campus. Donovan slapped her, and she was crying when she crossed the street, so she never saw the car coming… She’s in critical condition right now, and no one knows if she’ll make it.”

Arielle had mixed feelings upon learning about the incident.

Although she was on bad terms with Queenie, she could not find it in herself to be happy at the news of the latter’s life hanging by a thread.

Laughing at the misery of others was not part of her character.

Yet, at the same time, she could not bring herself to help Queenie.

She was not a saint. Although she had medical skills, it did not mean that she would save everyone and anyone.

At the very least, as of then, she did not have the plans to save Queenie.

Holding her phone, Arielle replied, “I got it. Keep me updated.”

Despite having an awful relationship with Queenie, she was rather impressed with Queenie’s older brother, for they were two different individuals.

After ending the call, Arielle turned to Jared. “Help me gather the others. I’ll find a reason to start tutoring you all from today onward.”

“All right,” Jared answered readily before leaving.

Right then, Arielle received a call from Selena.

“San, I’ve got good news for you. Mr. Lambert has been discharged from the hospital, but he still needs to rest for a day or two. Once the exams are over the day after tomorrow, you’ll be able to meet him.”

“Is that so? That’s great!” Arielle exclaimed, then repressed the excitement that threatened to burst out of her as she followed Jared to a classroom.

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