Obsessive CEO’s Sinful Wife By Lil’ Bamboo Chapter 440

Chapter 440
It was the darkest time of her life. She felt as if living had become meaningless. If it wasn’t because Lisa visited her from time to time, she probably wouldn’t be alive now.
The doctor sighed. “A gynecologist will take a good look at your medical report later. Maybe we can still do something about it.
“Do something about it?” Serenity was stunned. “Is there really a way?”
“You’re still
young, so it’s not completely out of the question. Besides, nothing’s absolute in the medical field,” the doctor
Serenity’s heart started to be filled with hope again. Although she knew that there was only a sliver of hope, it was hope
II… the injury could actually heal, then.. wouldn’t she be able to have her own children?
Jackson’s face suddenly popped up in Serenity’s mind.
If she really could have children, then the children’s father…
“Okay, we’re done here.” The doctor’s words interrupted Serenity’s daydream.
She quickly got down from the examination table and straightened her clothes. She could feel her heart thumping due to the fleeting thought she had a second ago.
She wanted to have children with Jackson?
Serenity followed the nurse out of the ultrasound room. She didn’t have to stay to wait for the report. Her medical report would be sent to the main doctor responsible for her medical checkup, and the doctor would assign experts from specific departments to consult her based on her condition.
As soon as Serenity came out, Lilliana, who was still in queue, once again ran over and questioned Serenity loudly. “You bought a VIP medical checkup package? Aren’t you a delivery rider? How can you afford such an expensive package?”
Serenity was amused. Who did Liliana think she was? A judge? She was acting as if Serenity had to answer just because she
“That’s private business. I don’t think I have to explain myself to you, do 17” Serenity mocked.
Liliana realized that her tone might have been a tad too apgressive, so she quickly followed up with, “I’m only asking you because I’m concerned about you. You just got out of prison. I don’t want to see you make a mistake and get punished by the Law again. You know lawyers like us are very sensitive when it comes to this kind of thing.”
Serenity stared at Liliana coldly, making Liliana cower under her chilly gaze. “You.. Why are you staring at me like that?
“Nothing. I’m just thinking that you seem to be pretty hopeful that I would make a mistake,” said Serenity.
Liliana almost choked on her own saliva. “N-Nonsense. I… We used to be co-workers, so of course I want to see you do well.”
“Do you? Yet you always seem to bring up the matter of my imprisonment in front of other people, as if you wish everyone to know that about me,” Serenity spoke bluntly.
Liliana’s face instantly turned laright red. A number of Liliana’s co-workers from the law firm were queuing nearby and they were all paying attention to far conversation, so they naturally heard what Serenity sak.
Some of them had a look of sudden realization on their faces. They were now watching Serenity and Liliana like they were watching a soap opera.
“L… That’s…” Liliana wanted to come up with an excuse, but the problem was, she couldn’t think of any
“A lawyer should know that the law exists to impartially judge whether a person is guilty. Even If a person had committed multiple crimes before, it doesn’t mean that the person is definitely guilty the next time they’re tried. You, however, seein to brand me as guilty from the very beginning and use that as a basis to judge me. That’s not something a professional lawyer
Chapter 440
should do,” Serenity said coldly.
Liliana blushed even harder. Serenity had elevated the argument to a matter of professionalism, yet she could find no retort.

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