Obsessive CEO’s Sinful Wife By Lil’ Bamboo Chapter 471

Chapter 471
No. It’s nothing. I just realized that I haven’t bought the things I wanted to bring with me when I visit Grandma tomorrow.” In truth, she had already bought the pastries, but they had been thrown into the trash by the Hall family’s people. “Oh,” he said, “I’ve bought it for you. It’s on the coffee table.”
She tumed to the coffee table in the room and saw a familiar shopping bag. Was that. The shopping bag from the pastry shop in the mall that she had gone to earlier that day? Could it be that he had bought exactly the same things she had for her?
“Are those the same things I bought today?”
“Yeah,” he replied. “I also added some other items.”
“But how did you, uh, how did you know what I bought?”
Even if he had seen her through the security cameras, at most, he could only have seen the shopping bag, right?
“I just went through the transaction statements in the mall and figured out what you bought.”
Serenity finally understood. For other people, this was not such a doable thing, but for a man like Jackson Vallor, it probably required him as much effort as lifting a finger.
“By the way.” Serenity added, “did I disturb you when I screamed just now?”
“Don’t ever worry about disturbing me,” he said, kneeling down beside her bed. “No matter what happens, you’ll always be my priority.”
Serenity stared at the man in front of her with a look of surprise. Right now, he no longer looked like the same haughty and intimidating Jackson Valor she used to know. In fact… he seemed to be looking up at her with respect, almost as if she was his
Jackson then led Serenity downstairs so that she could eat something. He watched as she ate the food that was supposed to be dinner but was now a late supper. The light in his eyes darkened as he thought of the phone call he had gotten from Quinton Hall just before Serenity had woken up
It seemed that Quinton was trying to test the waters and see how much Jackson truly cared for Serenity as he kept referring to
that car crash case.
Back then… if it had not been for that car crash, he would never have come to this point where he got nervous every time he was in front of Serenity, almost as if he was afraid that she would discover the truth of what had happened back then.
Jackson would make the Hall family pay for the justice they owed Serenity. He would also make sure she was exonerated because that was what he himself owed her!
“What’s wrong?” Serenity suddenly looked up from her food and turned to him. “Why are you staring at me?
“Nothing,” he murmured. “I was just thinking how nice it is to be able to sit here and watch you.
frue. It truly felt amazing that he could just sit here and quietly watch her, knowing that she was so close to him
He had finally found someone he truly wanted to be with, the only person he wanted in the whole wide world.
The next day, after Serenity woke up, she soon set off with Jackson to the small town where her grandmother was staying
Before leaving, she once again gave her grandmother a call to tell her the time that she would roughly be there. She was relieved when she noticed that her grandmother sounded relaxed and cheerful on the phone.
That must mean that her grandmother was in pretty good health right now.
Serenity did not want to attract too much attention when they got to the small town, so sh asked Jackson to choose a mote humble car to drive there, but in the end, the most ordinary car the Valors had was a BMW that cost about half a million dollars.
Chapter 471
She sighed. Fine, then. A BMW might be regarded as a remarkable car to the ordinary folk, yet to Jackson Valor, it was clearly the most “humble” car he could find.
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