Obsessive CEO’s Sinful Wife By Lil’ Bamboo Chapter 472

Chapter 472
But to her surprise, what she saw next was Jackson ordering his driver to bring over his own car which was worth less than fifty thousand dollars. This startled Serenity.
“Didn’t you say you wanted a humble car?Jackson asked.
“Well, yeah. I just wanted a more humble car so that it won’t attract too much attention when we get there. It’s a really small town, and I don’t want anyone to spread any rumors. I’m worried that Grandma will get worried when she hears it. But are you seriously going to drive this car there?”
“Why not?” Jackson smiled “Come on, hop ins
It was only when she got into the car that Serenity realized the driver had been ordered to get out because Jackson was going to be driving at himself.
“You’re driving?” she asked.
“Uh-huh,’ he replied, speaking as he started the engine. “It’s not that far, anyway. If you’re feeling sleepy, go ahead and take anap. I know the way.”
She pursed her lips without realizing it as she watched him drive. It would take more than two hours of driving before they got there, and doing that without a break was sure to be an exhausting task, yet there was no way for her to help him at all because her driver’s license had been revoked a long time ago. In fact… she might never be able to drive again.

After all, she had been barred from driving for life!
Still. If she managed to reverse the initial verdict and get exonerated, perhaps she might get some of the things she had lost back, things like her driver’s license, her license to practice law, and others…
But some things would remain lost to her forever. Things like… her once vigorous enthusiasm, her innocence, her various. ambitions, her optimistic worldviews, the love from her family which she now realized was all take, and her beautiful youth.
She had already turned 18 years old. Although she was not even 40 yet, she sometimes feel as if her heart had aged a century. If she had not met Jackson, perhaps she really would have ended up like an old cynical woman with an ancient heart all her life until she eventually grew old and died.
However, because he had appeared in her life, that aged heart of hers had slowly regained a sign of life, giving her a sliver of hope for a better life
She used to believe that meeting him was the most painful thing to happen to her after she got out of prison because he had lied to her, but the truth was that… she was perhaps lucky to have met him.

It was Jackson who had made her see the beauty in life again. So, perhaps the fact that he had fallen in love with her was… a great thing to have happened to her.
These were the thoughts that circled Serenity’s mind as she slowly closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. When she woke up again, they had already reached the small town and were almost nearing her grandmother’s house.
She rubbed her eyes and guiltily mumbled, “.. must’ve fallen asleep”

“You did,” he said, “and very soundly too. You were even grinding your teeth in your sleep”
Embarrassed, her face immediately turned red from her blushing. That could not be. Did she really.. grind her teeth as she slept?
“I was only joking,” Jackson told her. “We’re almost there.”
She quickly tidied up her hair and clothes. Once he had parked the car at her grandmother’s door, she prepared to get out of the car, but be swiftly grabbed her and held her still.

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