Obsessive CEO’s Sinful Wife By Lil’ Bamboo Chapter 479

Chapter 479

“Thank goodness you look different now,” Jackson murmured. He did not want a woman like that to have Serenity’s face.

But the fact that they looked alike when they were kids was quite fortunate.

Jackson’s eyelashes trembled slightly as he looked down in contemplation, his long eyelashes covering up the schemes and calculations in his eyes….

Jackson and Serenity stayed for dinner. Serenity’s grandfather, Henry Walker, returned home in the evening. His attitude towards Serenity was cold and his attitude towards Jackson was even worse.

Serenity was used to it, but when she saw her grandfather’s attitude towards Jackson, she looked towards Jackson with some


After all, considering Jackson’s status, not many people would dare to treat him this way.

However, Jackson merely smiled at Serenity. As if he could tell what her concern was, he hinted with his eyes that she did not have to worry

Serenity was relieved.

Because Granny was in a good mood, she had a bigger dinner than usual.

During dinner, Lynette couldn’t help mocking Serenity, “Grandpa, do you know that Serenity is no longer working at the sanitation center? She’s working as a delivery rider now. Although it’s a tiring job, she can still earn some money if she works


“That’s nothing to be proud of! Henry said disdainfully, “She studied for so many years but still ended up as a delivery rider.

That’s embarrassing.”

Serenity went slightly pale. Her grandmother instantly spoke up for her. “What the hell are you talking about? She’s feeding herself doing honest work. That’s nothing to be embarrassed about!”

“What’s the point of studying for all those years then? She should have just looked for a job after high school like Lynette did, ” said Henry

Lynette took the opportunity to sigh dramatically and say, “Serenity, I thought you would make us proud. Who could have thought that you would break the law even though you’re a lawyer. You can’t do that again, olay? The last time you went to jail, we were all so embarrassed that we couldn’t show our faces in town for a long time.”

Granny was visibly getting mad. Serenity was worried that petting mad would be bad for Granny’s health, so she said with a smile even though she knew Lynette was mocking lier, “I’ve learned my lesson. ”

Lynette was still feeling proud of herself for winning an argument against Serenity when she heard a voice say, “I don’t think there’s any reason to be embarrassed. She’s an independent woman who relies on herself. That’s more than can be said for many other people.”

Jackson looked at Serenity with doting eyes as he said that,

That made Lynette jealous again. What did this man even see in Serenity? He’s looking at her as if she’s the only person who mattered to him.

Sure, Serenity used to be an elite lawyer, but she’s just an ex–convict now!

Lynette really could not understand which aspect of Serenity attracted him.

Serenity met Jackson’s eyes and felt a warmth rise in her heart. This man would always be on her side no matter what happened

Granny was secretly happy to see that.

After dinner, it was time for Serenity and Jackson to go home, Before leaving, Serenity reluctantly said, “Granny, once you get

Chapter 479

better, I’ll take you to Solaria so that you can try the delicious food there.”

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