The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin ) Chapter 510

Chapter 510 

Brittany grabbed the bag and got up to leave. 

“Mr. Salter, this…” Shona Bennett felt like maybe she shouldn’t have been there. 

Isaac Salter quickly stood up and followed Brittany out. 

Shona looked at the table full of food and felt uncomfortable. 

After Brittany left the booth, the footsteps behind her were getting faster and faster. 

Isaac blocked her way, his eyes were full of urgency. “The relationship between Shona and I isn’t what you think it is…” 

Brittany seemed somewhat confused, “Mr. Salter, I dont care about your relationship with Shona Bennett’ 

That sentence seemed to have brought Isaac to his senses. 

“You don’t care?” 

Brittany wasn’t like that before. She was always very caring, not allowing him to be too close to other women. 

But then she was very indifferent, not even a bit jealous. She really didn’t like him anymore. 

That realization hit him, and Isaac felt a painful throb in his heart, as if an invisible hand had completely torn his heart apart. 


Brittany took a few steps back and said, “Mr. Salter, it’s over between us 

Brittany was able to remain calm, firstly because she couldn’t fight Isaac, and secondly because all her focus was on Brijeweled Studio. 

Just because of what Isaac had done in the past, she wished he was dead! 

But she was not yet a match for the Salter family! 

After Brittany left, Isaac stood on the spot, he didn’t return to the booth for a long time 

Shona was still there. Seeing his dispirited return, she was a bit worried, “Mr. Salter, are you okay?” 

They had called off their engagement after their engagement banquet five years ago. 

Over the years, the two have maintained a good relationship, and the cooperation between the Bennett family and the Salter family had been getting closer and closer. Although Shona had no particular feelings for him, she didn’t want him to have any issues. 

After all, if something happened to him, the Bennett family would lose a lot of money 

Isaac sat down, “She didn’t want to hear my explanation” 

Shona sighed and said, ‘Mr. Salter, I told you before that you should have a good talk with Ms. Dustin, but you insisted on taking everything on yourself. Now, I’m afraid Ms. Dustin has already started a new life” 

Brittany wasn’t the kind of person who would cling to the past, she wouldn’t always live in the past. 

A new life? 

Isaac’s eyes moved, as if he had remembered something, “Didn’t you say before that she had a virus in her body and she wouldn’t live more than three months?” 

Why was Brittany still alive? 

And she seemed just like a normal person. 

Shona couldn’t figure it out either; even though she hadn’t been able to develop a cure, Brittany was still somehow alive. 

‘I’m not sure. 

Shona lost her appetite and left the booth. Before she left, she glanced at Isaac; there was some sympathy in her eyes. 

Brittany left in a huff, and she went to the hospital in the afternoon. 

The Chester siblings were on a business trip, so Brittany accompanied Tanya Chester for a medical checkup. 

Tanya had lost a lot of weight but was still as gentle as ever. 

After the checkup, they came out of the examination room. 


Someone called her name. Brittany looked up to see Grace Salter standing not far away, her face full of surprise. 

And behind Grace was Jole. 

The look on Jole’s face was full of shock. She had many thoughts, “Brittany is still alive?” 

“Did Bro Isaac know about this?” 

“Will he try to reconcile with Brittany?” 

“Doks she still have a chance?” 

Grace ignored Joie, walked quickly towards Brittany, and hugged her tightly, tears welling up in her eyes. 

“It’s really you; it’s really you.” 

Grace had always felt guilty towards Brittany over the past five years. 

Seeing her alive, she couldn’t control her emotions and started crying. 

Brittany’s heart was as still as water; she coldly pushed Grace away. 

Her tone was indifferent as she said, “Grace, long time no see.”

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