The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin ) Chapter 518

Chapter 518

Brittany chugged down her water and slumped onto the table, tears streaming down her face

Hannah held her close, her eyes filled with sympathy.

Brittany cried her eyes out for a good while, as if trying to get all the years of pent-up frustration out of her system

Hannah patted her back and waited for her to fall asleep. Once she did. Hannah carried her back to the room.

Brittany’s sleep was far from peaceful. Her brows knotted in distress.

Hannah wiped her face dry, helped her into her pajamas, and left.

Once Hannah got home, she spotted Derek Bishop’s car parked outside

“Hannah, we need to talk.”

Brittany and Kari seized the opportunity and signed a contract. The bank loan came through quickly, and Brittany’s problems were sorted out

The new product design was coming along smoothly

Brittany booked her flight overseas After finalizing the itinerary with William, she devoted all her remaining time to Tanya

Tanya’s health was unpredictable She kept moving in and out of the ICU

Brittany and the Chester family were worn out by the situation After one more emergency, Hannah couldn’t take it anymore, and Brittany sent her home.

When Brittany returned to the hospital, she found isaac waiting downstairs

He was clad in a black coat, tall and strapping A cigarette was pinched between his fingers, its glow flickering. The dim light cast a hazy aura around him, his eyes deep like a still lake

“Mr. Salter, whats up?”

On seeing her, İsaar stubbed out his cigarette and tossed it into the trash bin Theard Tanya’s not doing well. I thought I’d check in”

As Brittany walked past him, she noticed the bin was full of cigarette butts,

Most of them were probably his

Back when they were together, Isaac didn’t i

Thanks for your concern, but you should head i

Brittany turned to leave.

xe much. Then, he seemed to be puffing away like a chimney.

Isaac watched her retreating figure, his head starting to throb. Almost instinctively, he grabbed her hand. If you just say the word. I’ll arrange the best team for her and get her the best treatment”

The familiar words sounded ludicrous to Brittany

Isaac, it was your prople who arranged the hospital stay when my grandma was sick, right? And she still passed away didn’t she?”

Brittany jerked her hand free, her eyes welling up When you went to H city to find a kidney donor for my grandma, Nathan came back, but you didn’t Where did you go?”

Isaac was taken aback and left speechless.

“Went to see that girl you’ve been sweet to since childhood, didn’t you?”

Brittany exposed his lie Isaac, do you really think I’d trust you again after what happened with my grandma?

Also, Ive been wondering, did Loraine Field really manage to keep you in the dark?”

Isaac was at a loss for words, and Brittany turned to leave

Isaac behind her stood rooted to the spot, unable to move for a long time

Did Brittany know something?

If she found out the truth behind her grandma’s death, she’d never forgive him,

Back in the ward, Tanya had drifted into a coma.

Seeing his wife suffer, Blake Chester felt utterly drained and heartbroken. After Brittany consoled him, Blake looked at her, worry etched on his face. “You should get some rest too. She’s stable for now,”

Brittany had been staying at the hospital for days and was visibly exhausted, which pained Blake to see.

“Blake, why don’t you head home? I’ll stay here and take care of Tanya.”

Blake was getting on in years, and the situation was taking a toll on him.

But he couldn’t bear to leave. So he booked a suite in a nearby hotel for a quick rest and to be near Tanya.

Alter sending Blake off, Brittany sat on a sofa, keeping vigil by Tanya’s side.

Her phone battery died. So, she missed a bunch of calls.

Brittany couldn’t get a wink of sleep all night. Eventually, fatigue got the better of her, and she dozed off on the sofa

After she fell asleep, someone pushed the door open and walked in.

The person strode over to her, lifted her up, and, step by step, walked out of the hospital.

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