The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin ) Chapter 519

Chapter 519

A soft sound stirred Brittany from her sleep. She instinctively grabbed her blanket, covering her body, wanting to doze off again.

As she was drifting back to sleep, Brittany realized she was not on a couch but on a soft bed. She jolted upright, finding herself in a familiar room. Didn’t she fall asleep at the hospital last night? How did she get back? Was it Lionel Chester who brought her back?

Feeling refreshed after a night’s sleep, Brittany threw off the covers and got out of bed. As she stepped out of her bedroom, she heard noises from the kitchen


Brittany assumed it was Lionel. She quickened her steps towards the kitchen only to stop at the door, stunned by the sight

It was William in a white knitted top with matching trousers, stirring something in a pot. The aroma was intoxicating

He was as gentle as ever, exuding an undeniable aristocratic air

“William, when did you get back?”

Brittany was surprised to see William back, especially under those circumstances.

William took a glass of milk from the fridge, heated it up for Brittany, and walked over to her. I havent been back to Imperial City for some time. Plus, my cousin is getting married soon. It seems right to come home.

Feeling a little guilty for not welcoming him and having him send her home, Brittany apologized, “I’m sorry, I was too busy yesterday. I didn’t know you were coming back”

William shook his head, “It’s okay. You wash up. After breakfast, I’ll drive you to work.”

“Okay” Brittany said, putting down the milk

By the time Brittany finished washing up, William had breakfast ready

Over the years, William had become adept at using his prosthetic limb. He walked as naturally as anyone else. He was always a confident and resilient man, never minding the occasional curious glance.

But Brittany couldn’t help picturing him running on the basketball court

“William, thank you for last night, Brittany said as she approached the dining table.

“You’re welcome.”

1 wanted to tell you beforehand that I was coming back, but with Tanya’s illness, I didn’t want to worry you. I wanted to surprise you,” said William, pulling out a chair and sitting opposite her He only found out she was at the hospital when her phone was off, and he asked Lionel

-Brittany took a sip of the milk and asked, “How long are you planning to stay?”

“Until after my cousins wedding.”

William had spent most of his time abroad those years, while the Dillion family was primarily in Imperial City. His cousins wedding was a great opportunity for the family to rise in status, so it was a big deal for the Dillion family Brittany had heard about it.

“Will you come with me?”

William hesitated. They had been friends for the last five years. He used to have the patience to wait, but he worried that Brittany might reconcile with Isaac

She used to like him so much.

Brittany picked up on his implied meaning and knew what was going through Williams mind. She finished her milk and said seriously. “William, I can’t give you a satisfying answer right now!

William stiffened slightly but soon regained his composure. “it’s okay. We can just be friends.”

Although rejected, it wasn’t the first time he had faced such a situation. He could accept it gracefully

“That’s not what I meant,” Brittany said, feeling a little sorry for him. I’ve seen Isaac. He hasn’t signed our divorce agreement. I think, once I get that sorted, we can talk again,”

As long as she and Isaac were not officially divorced, she couldn’t give William a definitive answer.

He didn’t sign the divorce agreement?

William was surprised. He thought Isaac would definitely sign after Brittany made that video public.

-Bul Isaac didnt.

Brittany’s words gave him great encouragement. To some extent, it meant she was willing to understand him more,

“Okay, I’ll give you time”

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