The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin ) Chapter 520

Chapter 520

Brittany was momentarily dazed at the sight of the smile on his face.

After breakfast, William insisted on dropping Brittany off at work.

“Have you been back to the Dillion’s yet?”

Brittany suddenly remembered about the Dillion family as she was about to get out of the car.

“Not yet. I’ll go later” William took a water bottle out of the storage box and handed it to Brittany, “This is honey water; don’t always chug down coffee”

Brittany had a habit of drinking coffee, especially when she first started her business. She used to rely on coffee to keep going

William couldn’t stand her ruining her health, so he started preparing honey water for her every day.

“Alright, I’m heading off”

After Brittany left, William received a call from the Dillion family

Mrs. Dillion was cold as ice, “I heard you arrived last night, where have you been? Running after Brittany again?”

‘Mom, I’m on my way home” William was a bit of a headache. Five years had passed, and Mrs. Dillion still wasnt fund of Brittany, always trying to set him. up with someone else.

Mrs. Dillion hung up the phone without a word, clearly very unhappy with him.

When William arrived at the Dillion’s, all the elders were there

He had been abroad for many years and seldom returned to Imperial City, so the elders had missed him. William greeted everyone and faced Mrs. Dillions steely, angry face.

‘Mom, don’t be mad. I’m back, aren’t 17″

Mrs. Dillion snorted, “I think you just cant get away from Brittany. She doesn’t even respect you. Why do you bother..

But William cut her off, “Mom, let’s not go there.”

He was all smiles, seemingly oblivious to Mrs. Dillion’s dissatisfaction, Bri and I are doing great now. We’ll end up together sooner or later.”

Mrs. Dillion’s lips were tightly pressed together. She believed her son deserved a better womart, not a divorcee!

However, Timothy Dillion could see that William was devoted to Brittany. Besides her past marriage, there was nothing wrong with her.

Backed by the Chester family, Randell Moore, und loved by Katelin Bishop, she was totally up to Williams level.

Mrs. Dillion, having done her homework, didn’t argue anymore. She simply asked William to bring Brittany with him next time, so as not to make his

-efforts in vain.

William just smirked.

If Brittany wanted to come, she would if not, he wouldn’t force her.

The news of William’s return spread quickly, and people like Wesley Tueley arranged to meet up for a drink.

The bar owner and Wesley were buddies and often hung out together.

Wesley and Viola Miller eventually broke up. The Tueley family didn’t approve of Viola’s background, and Wesley wasn’t about to give up his wealth for her.

After leaving the entertainment industry, Viola married a famous actor.

The wedding was said to be grand. Wesley sent a generous gift, but it was returned.

After Viola’s marriage. Wesley returned to his old playboy ways, living a comfortable life.

Lately, he was getting along well with a young actress who rose to fame by imitating Viola. She was well treasured by him.

The young actress knew the ropes and handled their relationship Just right

Having been with Wesley for over half a year, she was the longest-lasting companion after Viola.

When William walked in, the three greeted each other.

The young actress was consciously or unconsciously looking at Williams leg, seeming somewhat frightened

Wesley noticed her gaze, and his eyes turned cold, “You can leave now”

The young actress realized she had messed up. She didn’t dare to resist, kissed his chin lightly, and obediently left.

“Why did she leave?” William didn’t really care how others perceived him. He noticed the young actress’s gaze.

“We’re having a get together. She’s just a third wheel here.” Wesley poured him a glass of wine and passed it to him, “How have you been these years?”

William replied, “Pretty smooth”

Wesley leaned back on the sofa, seeming quite relaxed.”1 heard that you’ve been in touch with Brittany over these five years?”

these five years

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