The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin ) Chapter 522

Chapter 522 

Isaac’s heart was pounding like a drum. She wanted a divorce to shack up with William. How was he supposed to agree to that? 

She was meant to be his! 

Isaac grabbed lightly onto her hand, his voice trembling as he said, “I can make up for the mistake I made five years ago. I won’t agree to a divorce. If…” 

“I’ve been to the cemetery. Kyle Salter’s tomb has been dismantled.” 

Isaac was speechless. 

“Isaac, we ended five years ago.” 

“Kyle, he…” Isaac tried to explain. 

Brittany’s phone started to buzz in her pocket. It was Hannah Chester. 

As if she had a premonition, Brittany’s heart started to pound. 

“Bri, my mom’s really sick… come quick!” 


Hannah’s sobs echoed in Brittany’s ears. She was practically shoved into the car by Isaac. She felt completely lost. 

By the time she snapped back to reality, she found herself in a hospital. 

Isaac’s doctor took over the treatment of Tanya Chester. The entire hallway was eerily silent. 

Blake Chester’s eyes were red and swollen. Lionel Chester was no different. 

Hannah was quietly crying, with her hand over her mouth. 

Brittany watched the scene in front of her, feeling like she was back to five years ago when she helplessly watched her grandmother being wheeled into surgery, her breathing gradually becoming weaker. 

The warmth of her grandma’s body slowly faded away. 

The fear of losing a loved one suddenly hit her. Brittany leaned against the wall, her eyes red and swollen, but no tears would come. 

Isaac looked at her frail body, and his heart ached. 

For five long years, she hadn’t had it easy. 

The shipwreck left her traumatized. She had just regained her health when she threw herself into work, trying to mask the past that she didn’t dare to remember. 

He took off his jacket to drape it over Brittany, but she threw it off immediately. Her eyes were red and filled with disgust as she said, “Don’t touch me!” 

Isaac’s hand froze, his lips tightly pressed together. 

Brittany looked at him, feeling suffocated. She walked over to Hannah, forcing herself to hold Hannah as she sobbed in her 


The surgery lasted for seven hours. Hannah’s tears nearly dried up. 

Brittany held her, her eyes stinging, but no tears would come. 

The moment the doctor walked out of the operating room, Lionel quickly approached. 

“Mr. Chester, the surgery was a success…” the doctor said with a relieved look in his eyes. 

Hearing the successful surgery, Brittany felt warmed, as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She followed the Chester family to visit Tanya, feeling dazed. 

By the time everything was settled, two hours had passed. 

Brittany was completely drained. 

Lionel held a grudge against Isaac for hurting Brittany. Over the years, they had been at each other’s throats. 

However, this time, he saved Tanya. 

Lionel’s voice was hoarse as he said, “Mr. Salter, thank you.” 

He paused, then added, “Pick any project you want from me as payment.” 

Isaac looked at Brittany’s tired face, his throat tightening. After a long silence, he said, “I don’t need any payment. The Chester family has been good to me. We’re even now.” 

Lionel seemed to see through his intentions. He still wanted to be with Brittany. 

Lionel’s lips tightened, and he said, “You should’ve ended things long ago. Bri won’t come back. You and Shona Bennett already have a child, right? Why not give her a proper status?” 

Isaac had a child not even half a year after Brittany’s supposed death. 

Everyone thought it was Shona’s child. 

Even Lionel thought so

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