The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin ) Chapter 523

Chapter 523 

*This is my business.” 

Isaac didn’t wanna get into it, especially not with Lionel. 

He turned around and left. 

Brittany stayed with Tanya at the hospital all night. Only when Tanya’s condition stabilized did she go home. 

Once home, she couldn’t even be bothered to wash up and just crashed on the couch. And she just zoned out for the whole day. 

When she woke up again, it was already late afternoon the next day. 

Her phone on the coffee table was buzzing non-stop. She picked it up to find hundreds of missed calls. 

Most of them were from Kari Malone. 

She returned a call, “Kari?” 

“Bri, it’s the sixth anniversary of Bri-jeweled Studio tonight. I’ve booked a room. Aren’t you coming?” 

Only then did Brittany realize that she almost forgot about the sixth anniversary of Bri-jeweled Studio. 

“Text me the address. I’ll be there soon.” She said, 

After sleeping for a whole day, Brittany was feeling pretty refreshed. After hanging up, she washed up and was about to leave when she got a call from William. 

“Bri, are you free tonight?” 

William wanted to hang out with her. He knew Tanya was seriously ill. He wanted to visit, but unfortunately, his grandma also fell ill. He had just gotten out of the hospital. 

“Today is the sixth anniversary of Bri-jeweled Studio. We’re having a celebration dinner…” Brittany paused and then asked, “Why don’t you come too?” 

Bri-jeweled Studio wouldn’t be what it was without William’s help. She had to invite him. 


William was thrilled. He didn’t expect Brittany to invite him and said. “I’ll come pick you up.” 

Brittany could tell he was pleased and retorted, “Alright.” 

After hanging up, Brittany changed into a red dress and put on some makeup. As she came down the stairs, she saw William’s car parked downstairs. 

William got out of the driver’s seat and opened the passenger door for her. His eyes were full of appreciation as he said, “You look beautiful tonight.” 

Brittany was a stunner, and she paid extra attention to her appearance tonight. 

She had bright eyes and pearly white teeth. Her long hair was silky smooth, and her figure was slim and graceful. Every smile and every movement of hers exuded a mature femininity. 

She smiled and got into the passenger seat. William closed the door. Once in the car, he took out a jewelry box from the glove compartment and said, “This is for you.” 

For me? 

Brittany was a bit surprised. She took the jewelry box, opened it, and saw a pair of pearl earrings. The pearls shone with a lustrous, translucent glow, clearly very expensive. 

Brittany had a thing for pearl jewelry. Those earrings were totally her style. She looked at the earrings, her eyes filled with joy. 

William breathed a sigh of rellef. Looks like he had picked the right gift. 

“Need me to put them on for you?” 

“No need, I got this.” Brittany took off her original earrings and replaced them with the pearl ones, looking even more 


William smiled and started the car, “Let’s go.” 

Once they arrived at the booked restaurant, they got out of the car one after the other. 

Kari and the others were already there. When they saw them walk in together, everyone had a mix of expressions on their faces. 


“Ms. Dustin, Mr. Dillion.” 

After exchanging greetings, Brittany and William took their seats. Kari sat between the two of them. Seeing them show up together, she probably realized something and joked, “Brittany, why didn’t you say we could bring our partners? We all came alone!” 

Compared to Isaac, William was a better match for Brittany. 

His thoughtful companionship, respect, and understanding for Brittany made him the perfect man. 


Brittany felt a bit awkward. She wanted to explain, but when she caught William’s eye, her words got stuck in her throat.

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