The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin ) Chapter 524

Chapter 524 

William seemed to sense her discomfort and said, “Kari, cut it out I’ve watched Bri-jeweled Studio grow step by step. I’m just here to celebrate its birthday today” Kari gave a knowing smile and switched the topic to the recent orders with the people around her Brittany breathed a sigh of relief and looked at William, feeling an inexplicable calm Upstairs in a private room of the restaurant. A bunch of trust fund kids were having a lively chat. The most eye-catching among them was Noel Salter sitting by the window “Mr Noel, I just bumped into someone, someone told him Noel raised an eyebrow and asked, “Who?” “Brittany” The man smirked maliciously and said. “I saw her walking in with a guy. They seemed pretty close. The guy was William. Five years ago, she had a fling with William Who would we thought they’re still messing around?” This guy thought Brittany had completely severed ties with the Salter family, so he didn’t hold back in front of Noel. He even wanted to have a taste of Brittany himself! At the mention of this familiar name, Noel dropped his wine glass, splashing wine everywhere He grabbed the man by the collar and slammed him against the wall, his eyes cold as he said, “Say that again?” How dare he speak ill of Brittany? The man was scared silly, “Mr. Noel, you don’t have to… Isn’t Brittany done with the Salter family?” Brittany almost ruined Isaac’s future! Why was he still protecting her? Noel narrowed his eyes and kicked the man in the back of his knee The man dropped to the floor Noel towered over him, stepping on him like he was nothing but a pile of dirt. 

“I warn you, Brittany is not someone you can talk about. If you dare to disrespect her again, I’ll make sure your family has to leave Imperial City Everyone else in the room was petrified After returning home, Noel entered the finance industry. In less than two years, he had become a top executive and established his own financial firm in the third year With the support of the Salter family and his own abilities, his firm quickly became one of the top financial firms in the country and even tand NASDAQ bell Despite seeing carefree over the years. Noel was ruthless, just like Isaac, never showing mercy The man was terrified. “Mr. Noel, I won’t dare! I won’t dare again. Noel kicked him away and said, “Get lost!” The man scrambled out of the room. No one else dared to approach. Even Brandon, who was closest to Noel, didn’t dare to step forward There was a heated discussion in the room after Noel left. “Brandon, what’s up with Mr. Noel? Didn’t the Salter family abandon Brittany a long time ago? Why was Mr. Noel still protecting her?” “Don’t piss off Brittany Mr Noel is very fond of her” Brandon only knew a little about their relationship, but he knew that Noel cared deeply for Brittany  Noel left the room, and at the same time, the door to the room across the hallway opened. A beautiful face appeared. “Bri?” Seeing Brittany after five years, Noel felt like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. His voice choked up a bit. He hugged Brittany tightly. Brittany froze, becoming as stiff as a puppet, unable to move. “Bri, you’re back.” “Bri, are you still mad at me?” 

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