The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin ) Chapter 525

Chapter 525 

When William saw Noel walk in, he instinctively stood up and said, “Noel?” Noel recalled what people had said. He let go of Brittany’s hand, stared straight at William, and asked, “William, what’s your deal with Bri?* Were they really an item? Brittany came out of her stupor. She was filled with questions. “Do you know William?” How could they possibly know each other? “Bri, he’s Zac’s little brother.” William assumed she knew this. A buzzing sound filled Brittany’s ears. The time she met Noel five years ago… All the past events flashed through her mind. “Bri, don’t be mad. I really didn’t mean to hide this from you” Noel seemed somewhat flustered as he said, “I really had a falling-out with my brother back then. I never thought you’d be my sister-in-law…” Over the years, Noel had always felt that he owed Brittany. When he came back to his country, he didn’t even have a job. It was Brittany who gave him the opportunity to settle down. He once had feelings for Brittany, but she was already married to his brother. He only wished for her to live happily with his brother, but the events five years ago happened too abruptly. Despite wanting to help her, Isaac imprisoned him in Salter Manor All his communication devices were monitored. He couldn’t send any message to the outside world. Brittany’s gaze towards Noel quickly turned cold. “Bri, don’t look at me like that.” Noel was getting desperate and said, “I was helpless back then. It wasn’t intentional. I…. don’t be mad! I apologize. I’ve been upset over the years, feeling like I didn’t help you.” The expressions of the people in the box were varied. Especially Kari. She had seen Noel a few times before. He was a rather famous financial investor, but now, in front of Brittany, he was like a child who had done something wrong. Seeing him apologize so anxiously, Brittany’s irritation was replaced by helplessness. “Noel, I don’t blame you.” She said. “Really?” Noel thought she was lying. 

Brittany didn’t blame Noel. They were only friends, and Noel really didn’t have to tell her his real identity. Noel let out a sigh of relief. Only then did he notice that there were other people in the box, mostly the studio’s employees. “Bri, is your studio having a party?” “It’s Bri-jeweled Studio’s sixth anniversary.” Brittany paused for a moment and then asked, “Would you like to join?” Noel immediately nodded and said, “Sure.” Due to Noel’s sudden addition, people at the table adjusted their seats. Brittany sat between William and Noel. The others didn’t dare to probe into the relationship between the three, so they all focused on eating. Compared to five years ago, Noel had matured a lot. He used to be a boy who only wanted to race cars. Now, his childishness was gone, and he had become more composed. He could tell at a glance that William had feelings for Brittany. He pursed his lips. He no longer harbored romantic feelings for Brittany but still considered her his sister-in-law. William’s closeness to Brittany was undoubtedly a competition with his brother. William didn’t care about Noel’s opinion. He still took care of Brittany naturally.  They had been living together for five years. Brittany had long gotten used to his care, so she accepted it openly, even reciprocating William’s actions. Noel couldn’t help himself and asked, “William, you’re in your thirties. Don’t you plan to get hitched?” William and Isaac were about the same age, but he was still not married. What was he waiting for? William noticed the insinuation in Noel’s words. Smiling, he looked at Brittany and said, “I’ve found the woman I want to marry. Now, I’m just waiting for her to say yes.” Brittany felt a bit shy under his gaze. She cleared her throat and said, “Noel, this is William’s personal matter. You shouldn’t pry. William achieved his goal. He put an oyster into Brittany’s bowl and retorted, “These oysters are really fresh. Have some more.” “Sure, you too.” Noel was getting more and more upset. Could it be that Bri really intended to accept William?

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