The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart ( Brittany Dustin ) Chapter 526

Chapter 526 

What was Isaac going to do now? 

For all these years, what was the difference between Isaac and a dead man? Now, Brittany was finally back, but she was getting all cozy with William. 

Noel couldn’t take it anymore. 

He got up and went to the restroom. William followed him. 

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“William, are you really planning up with Bri?” Noel blocked William’s path. “She’s my brother’s girl. What you’re doing is messing with their relationship.” 

William walked to the sink and turned on the tap. As he casually washed his hands, he said, “Brittany asked Isaac for a divorce five years ago. And you should know better than me what happened five years ago. Zac crossed Brittany’s line. Do you think Brittany’s gonna turn back?” 

Brittany was not the kind of person to easily change her mind. 

When Finn Boulton fooled her, she was determined to ruin the Boulton family no matter what! 

The same went for Isaac. She couldn’t stand up to Isaac for the time being, so she had to put up with him. 

Mentioning what happened five years ago, Noel seemed less confident as he said, “But they’re not divorced yet…” 

They’re still husband and wife. William’s action now was playing the third wheel in their marriage. 

“Their relationship has already broken down,” William turned off the tap. “And Brittany and I are just friends. We haven’t done anything inappropriate.” 

William still has some respect for Noel, and he said, “Noel, you’re a part of the Salter family. I get that you’re siding with Isaac, but Brittany’s been good to you. Have you ever thought about her? Do you just want to watch what happened five years ago happen again?” 

Noel was stunned. 

William walked past him and left. 

Noel knew William was right. Five years ago, Brittany was the victim. He just favored Isaac, forgetting that Brittany was an independent person. She had the right to leave. 

After William and Noel left, Brittany was a bit worried. 

She made up an excuse to go out but didn’t expect to run into William, who was coming back. 

“William, are you and Noel okay?” 

Brittany had also noticed the tense atmosphere at the dinner table. 

“We’re fine.” William smiled and shook his head. Seeing Brittany lightly dressed, he took off his coat, put it on her, and said, “Let’s go back. They’re waiting for us.” 

Brittany breathed a sigh of relief. 

Just as she was about to follow him back to the private room, a pair of hands suddenly grabbed her from the darkness. Brittany screamed but was pulled into a man’s arms. The forceful move caught her off guard. 

-Then, William was kicked to the ground. His head hit the wall, causing him to be in too much pain to speak. 

Isaac had heard from the manager that Brittany and William were together. He dropped what he was doing and rushed over, only to see them In an intimate scene. His rationality was instantly lost. 

“She’s my wife, and you’re my friend. How can you do this to me?” 

“Let go!” 

Seeing William injured, Brittany forcefully shook off Isaac, ran to William’s side, and asked, “William, are you alright?” William was in unbearable pain. He shook his head laboriously in response to Brittany’s worried gaze, indicating he was 


Brittany’s eyes reddened. She glared at Isaac and asked him, “What else can you do besides violence?” 

Isaac felt as if he had been struck by lightning. 


Brittany helped William up. “William, I’ll take you to the hospital.” 


Brittany had no more patience to deal with Isaac. She helped William up and left. 

Isaac stood there, his eyes seemingly covered in frost. 

Hearing the noise, Noel quickly exited the bathroom.

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