The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart Chapter 521

Chapter 521

William was grinning like a Cheshire cat as he said, “Yes.”

He paused for a bit, then continued, “We’ve been together for the past five years.”

“Zac might not know about this yet.”

William didn’t think he was in the wrong. At least five years ago, when Brittany and Isaac were still married, he never crossed any lines.

Even for now, he and Brittany were still just friends.

Isaac didn’t appreciate Brittany, so he saw no reason to back off.

His frankness left Wesley Tueley speechless. After a while, Wesley finally managed to say with a straight face, “I’m not taking sides in this, but… William, we’re good friends. Don’t make things awkward.”

It was clear that Isaac still had feelings for Brittany There was bound to be conflict between them.

Derek Bishop was also caught between a rock and a hard place.

“Don’t worry. My thing with Bri won’t affect you guys,” William reassured with a smile, “Enough about that. How have you all been these past years?”

William changed the subject. They chatted for over three hours before reluctantly parting ways.

Before leaving, Derek looked at William. He was more inclined to support Brittany. After all, she was his cousin.

“Bri has been having a tough time. You should take care of her.”

William really wanted to take care of Brittany, but it seemed that she didn’t want to see him.

“I know.”

After sending Derek and Wesley off, William got into the Dillion family car. When he got home, Mrs. Dillion made him a cup of honey water. She might not have approved of his actions, but she worried more about his health.

“You’re not in good shape. You should cut down on the alcohol.”

“Mom, thank you.” William took a sip of the honey water, diluting the smell of alcohol on him. He said softly, “I’ve caused you a lot of worry with my thing with Bri.”

Mrs. Dillion was a little upset, “William, it’s been so many years. I just want you to settle down. I’m not a fan of Brittany, but you love her. Since you haven’t fallen for anyone else in all these years, I won’t stop you.” Mrs. Dillion said earnestly, “As long as she treats you well, I won’t object to your marriage.”

William was touched. He stood up, hugged Mrs. Dillion, and he said, “Mom, thank you.”

Mrs. Dillion hugged her son, a rare occurrence. Her eyes were a little moist as she said, “Good boy.”

When Isaac found out that William was back, it was already the next day.

Brittany came out from her studio and saw Isaac.

Brittany was no longer bothered by it, probably because they had been seeing each other too often lately.

Isaac blocked her way. He stared at her pretty face and asked, “William’s back?”


Brittany stood up straight and said, ” Isaac, when will you accompany me to file for divorce?”

Upon hearing the word divorce, Isaac’s forehead veins started to throb.

“I don’t agree to a divorce.”

“Then I’ll see you in court.”

Brittany lowered her head. She still had evidence of Isaac’s infidelity during their marriage. Going to court would be a disgrace for both of them.

Upon hearing that she wanted to go to court, Isaac’s heart sank.

“I refuse to divorce. As long as I don’t agree, no one in Imperial City would take this case.”

Brittany gritted her teeth and retorted, “Shameless!”

Isaac remained silent, staring at her for a while, and then he said, “You’ve been with him for the past five years, haven’t you?” Nathan Jarvis had already found out that William had taken Brittany away five years ago.

In the past five years, they had been together day and night. They probably already had feelings for each other… The thought of this possibility took his breath away. It felt as if a giant invisible hand was squeezing his heart.

Brittany looked at him defiantly and said, “Yes. Isaac, you hurt me five years ago. I can’t forgive you.”

She licked her lips lightly and continued, “I can’t challenge your power, nor can I make you pay more. If you ever had the slightest bit of affection for me, agree to the divorce.”

She hated Isaac very much and wished he would be punished!

But even with the Bishop family’s support and Randell Moore’s support, she couldn’t shake Isaac’s position.

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