The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 1856

Chapter 1856 Praise

However, it was not difficult If Mitchell wanted to come.

Clayton smiled without lacking courtesy.

Mitchell smiled and took out one large and one small box.

“A gift for your daughter and Ms. Stanton. I hope you’ll accept it.” Clayton’s gaze turned colder. He laughed somewhat playfully.

“Sure. Thank you, Mr. Crawford.” Earlier, Mitchell was a little nervous as he was worried what he would do if Clayton refused.

He did not expect Clayton to accept it so simply.

Clayton took a small sip of the wine from the glass in his hand. His gaze was dull with no other emotions. “ Please send my regards to the person who gave these gifts. My family and I wish that he’ll build his own family too.” Mitchell stiffened.

Clayton had already guessed who sent the gifts.

It was not surprising that Clayton would expose it.

Mitchell smiled. “Yes, I’ll definitely convey it.”

However, he did not dare to convey it. Eric did not even have a woman near him, so how would he build his own family?

Was Clayton trying to provoke Eric? After Mitchell sent the gifts, there was no reason to stay behind.

“Goodbye, Mr. Sloan.”

“Take care. I won’t see you off.”

Clayton watched Mitchell leave before he withdrew his gaze. He looked at the two boxes on the table next to him with a cold intent in his eyes.

He beckoned to the waiter on the side.

“Throw it away.”

The waiter was shocked. The logo on top of that box indicated that the gift was not something ordinary.

Before the waiter could clarify, Clayton already turned around and went in. Nicole carried Chatty around, listening to her friends’ praises.

Yvette said, “Chatty’s fingers are so beautiful! She can be a pianist!”

Julie chimed in. “This means that she’s born to count money and can become the richest person in the world!”

Ian said, “Her arms and legs are long. She can be an athlete and get medals!” Yvette continued, “Her skin is so soft! I’ve never seen a baby more beautiful than our Chatty!”

Julie agreed. “Yeah!”

Lumi, who came late to the party, came over with a smile. “Little Chatty! I’ve never had such a grand birthday when I was growing up!”

She smiled and walked over with Samuel Lindstrom in tow.

As soon as Nicole saw Samuel, she remembered what Clayton had told her. Nicole narrowed her eyes that flashed with a trace of displeasure.

She thought, ‘This scumbag actually dared to come here?’

However, Nicole had no reason to kick him out.

Nicole smiled perfunctorily. “Why are you here?”

She was speaking to Lumi.

Lumi smiled and carefully touched Chatty’s small hand.

“Samuel came here on business, so I tagged along. Aren’t you very surprised?”

Nicole let out a light laugh.

“Yeah, it’s quite surprising,” Nicole said perfunctorily.

Lumi did not mind.

Samuel was just about to reach out and touch Chatty’s clothes when he was blocked by Nicole.

“You can’t touch her. She’ll cry!”

Samuel was speechless.

When Lumi touched her earlier, the child was quite happy, right?

Samuel raised his eyebrows. “Alright. Happy birthday!”

He was smiling as he spoke to Chatty. Clayton came over with a glass of wine. “Welcome, Mr. Lindstrom…”

Samuel immediately turned back to exchange pleasantries with Clayton. Nicole was relieved only after the two men walked far away.

Others did not notice Nicole’s reaction. However, Julie was very attentive and noticed something wrong, but she did not ask about it.

Not far away.

After Samuel chatted with the others, he followed Clayton’s gaze that was looking at Nicole and Chatty in Nicole’s arms.

Samuel realized something. “Ms. Stanton doesn’t seem to like me much. Why is that?”

It would make sense if Nicole hated Samuel because of Lumi.

However, Nicole clearly had the same attitude toward Lumi as before, which meant that Nicole simply hated Samuel.

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