The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 1857

Chapter 1857 I Won’t Let You Touch


Clayton, who knew the reason, hada puzzled look on his face. “Oh? I think it’s quite normal.”

“But she won’t let me touch your daughter!”

Clayton looked at Samuel. “I won’t let you touch her either.”

Samuel was speechless and thought, ‘Oh, then I guess I was overthinking it!” Nicole carried Chatty, glanced at Lumi, and casually asked, “We met your sister the other day at Ian’s birthday party!” Lumi lowered her head to play with Chatty.

When she heard this, she responded insouciantly.

“I heard! She also has it quite hard on the set. I’ll go back and see her!”

The corner of Nicole’s mouth twitched. “You guys are pretty close, huh? I heard that you’re not…”

Lumi stood up straight and looked at Nicole speechlessly. She reprimanded Nicole in a soft voice, “How can you talk about someone else’s privacy so openly? In front of me, at that!”

Nicole pursed her lips and sheepishly shut her mouth.

However, she just wanted to remind Lumi to be wary of Kirsi.

Julie was not far away and heard it all. She was a little puzzled by Nicole’s curiosity.

Nicole was not like this before.

She muttered in a low voice, “I’m just curious. At least I didn’t say it behind your back.”

Luckily, Lumi was a simple-minded person. She did not hold a grudge or think much about it.

Lumi sighed.

“Well, it doesn’t matter since you already know. Anyway, to me, she’s my sister. So what if we don’t share a mother? We have the same father after all!”

Julie laughed. “When other families encounter such things, most of them are incompatible with each other. Your family is truly a miracle!”

Lumi smiled with curved eyes. The corners of her mouth curled up with a bit of pride. “We’ve had a good relationship since we were young. I wasn’t good at studying back then, and Kirsi helped me a lot. She even helped me to take the blame and bully other classmates. She also saved my life. Where can I find such a good sister?” Julie said, “So that’s how it is. I guess someone is just being petty.”

Lumi looked at Nicole. “Did you hear that?”

Nicole smiled and admitted her mistake. “It’s my fault. I won’t mention it again.”

As they were talking, they did not notice that the moment a waitress suddenly looked glum when she saw Nicole from not far away.

The waitress suddenly put down what she was holding and rushed up to Nicole’s group with a wine bottle.

The people passing by tripped over her. “Who are you?”

For a moment, chaos broke out.

The person dressed as a waiter did not stop at all. When she was about to touch Nicole, she raised the wine bottle in her hand up high.

Julie was on the other side of Nicole. She was shocked and wanted to run over, but it was simply too late.

Lumi, who was standing in front of Nicole and talking, was oblivious to the danger behind her.

Nicole hugged Chatty and saw a familiar face when she looked up.

She thought, ‘Isn’t she that girl?’

“Nicole, get out of the way!”

Clayton heard the commotion and sensed that something was wrong, so he subconsciously ran in Nicole’s direction, but it seemed that he was too late.

If Nicole was empty-handed, she could have grabbed the person’s wrist or quickly dodge the attack.

However, Nicole was holding Chatty in her arms. If she dodged, the wine bottle that should have landed on her head would hit her daughter instead.

Nicole was so frightened that she could not move. She just stood there stiffly. At the moment of danger, Nicole suddenly turned around and hugged Chatty tightly in her embrace, not exposing an inch of her daughter.

It was also at that moment when the wine bottle shattered.

Nicole felt like the whole world went silent…

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