The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 1858

Chapter 1858 Bitter Memories

Suddenly, Nicole stood there, seemingly unable to hear any sounds. Everything in the outside world swept past her. Lights flashed past her eyes, and the unbearable sorrow at the bottom of her heart surged up.

The feelings at the bottom of her heart came even faster than the memories. Nicole did not know why she suddenly felt so sad, but after that moment of sadness, she felt relieved.

The wine bottle shattered on the ground, and the noise around Nicole suddenly flooded her eardrums with clarity.

Nicole stood there with a pale face while maintaining her stance.

The sharp pain on her forehead gradually spread to every nerve in her body.

The pain was excruciating.

Nicole could not seem to stand any longer.

In the next second, she fell into a warm embrace.


That familiar voice was anxious and frightened.

In that instant, her heart suddenly settled down.

The sadness and suffocation she felt just now seemed like an illusion. Although she experienced those events, she could ignore them.

Nicole did do that. She managed to start over again.

In the days when she forgot Eric Ferguson, she was so happy and carefree.

If Eric had never appeared in her life, she would have been so happy and blessed.

Fortunately, she had forgotten about him.

She also felt what it was like to fall in love with someone else.

To Nicole, Clayton was like the air that seeped into every aspect of her life, slowly giving her a new life.

What a blessing!

The light in front of Nicole’s eyes gradually blurred.

She heard someone calling her name, but she did not have the strength to open her eyes.

Everything turned dark in front of Nicole.

There was sudden chaos in the bright and grand banquet hall.

No one expected this kind of thing to happen so suddenly.

Clayton’s originally gentle and modest face was hysterical and worried.

Earlier, Julie was quick to take over Chatty from Nicole’s arms.

That was because in that close call earlier, Clayton only cared to hold Nicole.

Soon, someone caught the culprit. It was that delicate girl.

That girl also did not expect this. She just wanted to scare Nicole so that she could feel a little better.

However, she did not expect her aim to be so accurate that the bottle landed

right on Nicole’s head.

She was overwhelmed by anger and forgot about Nicole’s identity.

Everyone of status in this hall was only here because of the Stantons.

That girl started to panic.

The bodyguard next to her had already restrained her arms at her back and pressed her down on the ground with her face down.

His actions were vicious without a bit of mercy.

This was a hundred times more terrifying than Riley’s attitude towards her.

That girl never thought that things would be so out of hand.

For a moment, she panicked and cried. Clayton’s eyes were cold as he glared at her with a deadly stare. His red and bloodshot eyes looked like they could kill.

“Keep an eye on her and don’t let her leave!”

“Yes, sir.”

Clayton ran outside with Nicole in his arms.

“Mr. Sloan, the doctor’s right upstairs…” Some of the guests were doctors. Immediately, they made way for Clayton and prepared a room.

Clayton paused in his footsteps and went upstairs.

Floyd did not catch up to them. When he noticed that Chatty was not with Clayton, he looked around with a pale face.

He was only relieved when he saw Julie running over with the child in her arms.

“Thank goodness. Quickly, take Chatty upstairs.”

It was too messy down there.

Julie nodded.

Kai and Grant stayed behind to take care of the aftermath and pacify the others.

The party could not go on any longer. Thus, they arranged for cars to take the guests home in an orderly manner. They also prepared small gifts to hand out at the door to express their apologies.

Everyone was very understanding. That scene just now was so heart-wrenching. The result would have been even more unthinkable if that bottle had been thrown at the baby.

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