The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 1860

Chapter 1860 A Moment of Impulse

Floyd knew that Clayton was going downstairs to look for the woman who attacked Nicole, so he did not ask about it and nodded.

The Stanton family could afford the consequences no matter what Clayton decided to do.

Nicole was immersed in happiness just a while ago, so those who ruined her happiness would have to pay the price.

Kai came back after sending off the guests. He did not go upstairs but stood there with Grant, staring at the crazy woman on the ground.

The hotel manager was scared out of his wits. He had been outside attending to something else. Who knew such an accident would happen in the hall?

The hotel manager was called Mr. Litt. Mr. Litt’s face was pale as he explained on the side, “Mr. Stanton, it’s our mistake. We didn’t let her in on purpose. We just hired some temporary staff when we were setting up the venue because we were short- handed… I didn’t know that they’d recruit such a crazy person who even hurt Ms. Stanton. We’ re truly sorry…” Grant’s face was glum, and he did not say anything.

Instead, Kai could not help but laugh. “Do you think being sorry will suffice? It’s not like you haven’t held

a party like this before. How could a temporary waiter be allowed to come in here? Our guests are all carefully selected, yet you don’t even have a standard for hiring waiters?”

In a place like this, they should only allow reliable and trusted waiters who have worked for more than three years and were specially trained to serve such high-profile guests. However, this woman in front of them was only recruited three days ago.

She even had a grudge against Nicole. Mr. Litt wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead and apologized repeatedly.

“I really didn’t know that the recruiter would make such a low- level mistake. We value our cooperation with Stanton Corporation so much that we will never make such a mistake. There must be some misunderstanding. Mr. Stanton, we’ll pay for Ms. Stanton’s medical expenses to express our apologies. Do you think this is okay?”

Kai sneered. “Are we short of that money for Nicole’s medical expenses? If others hear this, they’1l think that our family is going bankrupt!”

Mr. Litt’s face turned pale. He fully understood why Kai was being so bossy.

The one who got injured was Nicole. If anything happened to Nicole, who could afford to take that kind of responsibility?

Mr. Litt looked at the woman on the ground and clenched his teeth.

“T’ll immediately check this woman’s background and hold her accountable. I’ll also hold the recruiter accountable.”

If this was not dealt with properly, the Stanton family would not just let it slide.

Kai did not make a sound.

Clayton’s footsteps approached with a bitterly cold sense of oppression.

Mr. Litt hurriedly retreated to the side. “Mr. Sloan, is Ms. Stanton alright?” Clayton glanced at him and did not answer.

He walked straight up to that delicate girl and could not remember if he had seen her before, but the girl looked somewhat familiar.

Since Clayton could not remember, it meant that this person was not worth remembering.

He also did not want to bother.

The delicate girl cried until she

almost fainted. She was truly scared to death when she saw the three men in front of her.

Grant glanced at Clayton. His voice was extremely cold.

“What should we do with her?” Clayton lifted his head. ““Remove the tape.”

The bodyguard at the side immediately tore off the tape on the girl’s mouth.

The delicate girl felt such a burning pain that she winced.

“Mr. Sloan, please spare me! I won’t dare to do this again! I just acted ona moment of impulse!”

Clayton looked at her with a chilly gaze and walked over. His knuckles were white from clenching his fists so hard as he restrained his emotions. He tugged on the collar of his shirt and loosened his tie. His gaze was cold and harsh.

“You have a grudge against her?”

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