The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 1862

Chapter 1862 Not Understanding Enough

The stalemate lasted less than a minute.

The man in front of the girl ran out of patience. He raised his head witha gloomy gaze and looked as if he was not bothered to look at her again. “Since you don’t want to choose, you can just do both.”

The delicate girl shuddered violently. “No, wait! I’ll choose!”

Her voice was desperate. She could not even say that she regretted it.

“Pl drink!”

The delicate girl knew that she might have lost half her life if she finished that box of liquor.

However, she would probably die if she smashed all those empty bottles in the box on her head.

She was scared and confused, but she still chose the easiest path for herself. At this point, she could not afford to dwell on it too much.

She went over, opened a bottle of liquor, and poured it into her mouth. The burning sensation made her uncomfortable, and she subconsciously wanted to spit it out. However, when she saw the cold gaze of the man in front of her, she simply did not have the guts to spit it out.

She took one gulp after another.

The girl was so wretched, and she felt like she was at the mercy of these men.

After drinking two bottles of liquor, her consciousness had begun to blur, and her stomach could not take it anymore.

Her movements slowed down significantly.

She felt uncomfortable and cried a lot. Clayton swept a glance at Mr. Litt, who was next to him. His tone was cold as hell.

“Get someone to help her and make sure that she finishes all of it tonight.” When Mr. Litt heard this, his face changed slightly, but he did not forget to nod his head.

“Yes, sir.”

Mr. Litt thought, ‘This woman deserved it since she messed with the wrong people and even dragged me down with her.’

They would not have any compassionate attitude towards her. The delicate girl was startled. She opened her mouth, but before she could say anything, the person next to her held her shoulders down fiercely, picked up a bottle of liquor, and poured it into her mouth. It was pointless no matter how hard she struggled.

Grant and Kai looked at each other and turned around indifferently without making any comments.

At this moment, the car arrived outside.

Clayton heard the car engine.

Grant patted Clayton’s shoulder and said, “Go and carry her down.” Clayton nodded, turned around, and left.

The group of people followed the car and left in a big commotion.

The delicate girl was left half-dead as the bodyguards pressed her down and continued to pour liquor into her mouth.

She was mostly unconscious, but no one was soft-hearted.

The wine bottle almost killed Nicole earlier, so this girl’s small punishment was nothing compared to that.

Kai and Grant shared a car and followed behind Clayton’s car.

Grant looked down at his phone to read emails. Kai rubbed his temples as he drove in front.

“G, I think we don’t understand Clayton very well yet. What kind of person did Lil N get married to?” When Kai saw Clayton earlier, he felt that Clayton might take matters into his own hands.

However, Clayton was a clean freak and did not bother to touch that girl. Grant lifted his eyelids. His tone was indifferent.

“Tt’s you, not us.”

“Aren’t you surprised? Although I felt very relieved just now, that doesn’t look like something he’s capable of… It’s something Eric would’ve done.” Kai’s tone carried some doubt and disbelief.

After all, his impression of Clayton had always been gentle and modest. Not only was Clayton obedient and caring to Nicole, but he was also respectful and courteous to everyone i n the Stanton family, even the butler. Everyone felt that Clayton was a

modest and considerate gentleman. That scene earlier was so unbelievable.

When Grant heard this, he raised his head and rubbed his temples with a tense face.

Nicole’s situation was still uncertain, so they were not in a good mood.

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