The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss Chapter 1863

Chapter 1863 She’s Back

Grant’s tone was light as he spoke. “T’m not surprised. How can someone who can get out of a lion’s den like the Sloan family unscathed and even defeat them be without a temper? If he was as weak and incompetent as he appears to be, do you think that Dad and I would have agreed to their marriage just because he could coax Lil N so well with his sweet talk and make her happy?”

After that, Kai’s expression changed. Kai fiercely gritted his teeth. “You guys actually know what kind of person he is? Has he been pretending all along?”

Grant insouciantly glanced out of the window.

“He’s not exactly pretending. It’s just that it makes people more comfortable if he acts like this. Lil N likes it too.”

Kai felt like he was whacked in the head by a bat. Tonight was truly an eye -opener for him.

He thought, ‘So, I’m the only one that’s shocked? I’m so naive!’

Kai did not speak again on the way to the hospital as he was silently digesting this news.

He did not know how to describe what he felt.

Kai admired Clayton and had a new impression of him.

Perhaps this was for the best. At least Nicole would not be bullied.

At the hospital.

Clayton looked very worried.

Nicole was awake at times and unconscious at others. This state lasted for a long time.

Everyone barely had any sleep that night.

Julie took Chatty home because the baby could not stay up so late. Chatty did not know that such a big thing happened, so she made a fuss fora while and fell asleep.

Nicole was once again awake, two days later in the afternoon.

She smelled the strong scent of disinfectant, and when she opened her eyes, the gray and white curtains swayed with the wind.

The sun was shining outside through the trees, casting shadows on the floor.

Someone was holding her hand. Countless scenes replayed in Nicole’s mind, from the shooting in the streets of Europe to the present day. Nicole suddenly felt that although she made some detours in the middle, the ending was so perfect that it was perhaps destiny.

That fate started when she rescued Lil Michael, and now, she has such a well -behaved and beautiful daughter with Clayton.

Life seemed to be complete enough. It turned out that when the wine bottle hit her head, it brought back her memory and woke her up.

Nicole pulled out her hand, squinted her eyes, and touched Clayton’s face. Every trace of him was engraved in

her heart.

Clayton jolted awake.

He looked exhausted and not well- rested.

His eyes were still red and bloodshot. Nicole’s heart ached as an uncontrollable sorrow welled up in her heart.

It was great that Clayton stayed by her side and never left her every time she was in danger.

Clayton touched Nicole’s face in disbelief and carefully came closer. “You’re awake?”

Nicole wanted to smile at him, but when she opened her mouth, she could not make a sound because she had a medical instrument attached to her mouth.

Clayton hurriedly pressed the bell on the side. In less than a minute, the doctors rushed in.

Everyone looked excited.

They did a thorough examination since Nicole was awake. Clayton was standing in the corner, staring at Nicole unblinkingly as if he was afraid that something would happen to her. Nicole noticed Clayton’s gaze and felt that she had finally come home after a very long walk.

The doctor breathed a sigh of relief and took off some of the instruments. “Ms. Stanton, do you feel any discomfort in your head?”

Nicole withdrew her gaze and shook her head.

The doctor said with a smile, “Ms. Stanton, do you perhaps remember something?”

When he asked this question, Clayton’s expression became visibly nervous.

His body became tense for a moment, and his gaze deepened.

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