The Invincible Mercenary King Chapter 50

Chapter 50 

Haylan looked at Hugh and said coldly, “Mr. Hunter, weren’t you very arrogant just now? Why aren’t you saying anything now?” 

Hugh gritted his teeth and remained silent. 

At this moment, he had already suffered a crushing defeat. What else could he say? 

If he really followed the bet, he would have to kneel and kowtow to Haylan. He would also have to show Haylan respect. As a famous doctor, he could not do such a thing. 

Therefore, he could only silently agree. 

“Mr. Hunter, why are you silent?” 

Haylan stared at Hugh coldly and said word by word, “However, it’s useless even if you remain silent. As a man, you have to admit defeat. Or are you going back on your word?” 

Hugh was still silent, but his expression became even uglier. 

“Hehe, you were so arrogant previously. Now that you’ve lost, you don’t admit it and just remain silent. Is this the manner of a professor like you?” 

When Haylan saw Hugh like this, his eyes were filled with disdain. “If you don’t want to kneel, I won’t force you. However, please remember that traditional medicine is more unfathomable than you think! 

“The wisdom that has been passed down by our ancestors for five thousand years is not something that a few hundred years of modern medicine can compare to! 

“You haven’t even learned anything from our ancestors. 

You’ve only learned modern medicine for a few years, and 

you think that modern medicine is invincible. How ignorant. and stu pid you are! 

“You’re not worthy of being compared to me!” 

With that, Haylan turned around and left. 

“Master, wait for me.” 

William hurriedly chased after him. 

Hugh felt a burning pain on his face as he watched Haylan leave. He had lost all his face. 

Haylan’s every word was like a knife stabbing into his face, making him so embarrassed. 

At this moment, Yara also came back to her senses. She 

looked at Hugh coldly and said, “Mr. Hunter, our team needs someone who dares to take responsibility. I think you might not be suitable for our team.” 

“What do you mean? Fire me?” Hugh’s expression changed. 

“Mr. Hunter, do I have to make myself clear?” Yara asked in a deep voice. 

Hugh’s expression changed drastically. He hurriedly begged for mercy, “Ms. Irwin, I was wrong. I have to support my old parents and children. They all rely on me. I can’t lose this job.” 

Although he was a famous doctor and had earned a lot of money, he had lost all his money in the stock market not long ago. 

If he did not receive generous treatment from Mapleturz Group, he would be dead meat! 

“Mr. Hunter, I’ll be frank now. You’re fired! It’s best if you pack your things and leave now. Don’t make me call security guards, or you’ll embarrass yourself!” Yara’s expression was cold and domineering. 

Competition was allowed between teams. 

However, she did not need someone who didn’t take responsibility for what he did or went back on his words. 

This was because such people were often the most unreliable and could easily become fence-sitters. 

Most importantly, she had already treated Haylan as the secret weapon of her research department. After Hugh made a bet with Haylan, Hugh didn’t keep his promise. It was obvious that Hugh didn’t keep his word. Since Haylan didn’t pursue the matter, she would help Haylan pursue the matter and vent Haylan’s anger. 

When Hugh heard this, his expression turned even uglier. 

He saw Yara’s domineering and determined eyes. Those cold eyes made him feel as if he had been electrocuted. He walked out of the door dejectedly. 

At this moment, he regretted it so much. 

If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have dared to go against Haylan no matter how bold he was. Now that he had suffered the consequences of his own actions, it was too late for him to regret it. 

“Haylan! It’s all Haylan’s fault!” 

After Hugh walked out of the door, the more he thought about it, the angrier he became. His eyes became more and more resentful. “Da mn it, Haylan, you caused me to lose my job. I will definitely not let you off! 

“Even if I die, I’ll make you die with me!” 

After dealing with Hugh, Yara glanced at everyone on the team and said, “Let me repeat myself. In my research team, what I need the most is not skills and abilities, but nice character! 

“I don’t want anyone who doesn’t take responsibility or doesn’t dare to admit what he has said or done. 

“Do you understand?” 

“Got it.” The others hurriedly nodded. 

“Alright, continue working.” 

After Yara gave her instructions, she took the concocted blood-tonifying pill and rushed out of the door. She caught up with Haylan who had returned to the security room and said excitedly, “Haylan, thank you so much this time. 

“Tell me, what other reward do you want? I’ll reward you on behalf of Ms. Labenz.” 

If the blood-tonifying pill could successfully treat diabetes, as long as she held a press conference, her fame would definitely spread throughout the world. Mapleturz Group would also become the number-one pharmaceutical company in the country. 

She and Reign still had a trump card, which was the scar removal ointment. 

If these two medicines were released at the same time, it would definitely cause a sensation throughout the country. 

These two medicines were developed by Haylan. 

Havlan was the biggest contributor! 

Haylan stopped in his tracks and said seriously, “I really want something.” 

“Alright, go ahead,” Yara said. 

“I want to replace Quentin and become the director of the security team,” Haylan said in a deep voice. 

Quentin kept finding trouble with him and was as annoying as a fly. 

Therefore, he wanted to replace Quentin! 


Yara looked troubled and said, “I’m afraid we can’t do that. Why don’t you change the reward?” 

“Can’t Ms. Labenz promote me?” Haylan looked puzzled. 

He had made a great contribution and should be rewarded. As the CEO, Reign could make him become the director of the security department. Wasn’t that a simple matter? 

“The Labenz family’s power distribution is very complicated. Even if Ms. Labenz is the CEO, she can’t decide alone. Moreover, Quentin is Ms. Labenz’s second uncle’s nephew. If you want to replace him, you have to get Ms. Labenz’s second uncle’s approval,” Yara said. 

Haylan understood. 

In other words, Reign wasn’t the only one who was in charge of Mapleturz Group. She was suppressed by others and did not have the power to change the director of a department. 

At this moment, he finally understood why Quentin was so arrogant as to collect protection fees. 

“In that case, I don’t have any other requests. Just get Ms. Labenz to approve my three-day leave,” Haylan said. 

“Why don’t you come to my department? I’ll raise your salary by five times according to your current salary!” Yara said. 

“No, it’s better for me to be a security guard,” Haylan refused. 

He still did not know what mission his master had given him. Once he entered this research department, he might lose his freedom. 

Although working as a security guard was a little tiring, he could at least sk ip work at any time and leave. He was relatively free and did not have to be controlled too much. 

“Alright, then I’ll approve your leave on behalf of Ms. Labenz. I want to thank you, so come to my house tonight and I’ll treat you to a meal,” Yara said. 

She felt that Haylan was more amazing than she had thought. His medical skills were unfathomable. She wanted to learn more medical knowledge from Haylan. 

“Didn’t you ask me to come to the research lab tonight?” Haylan asked. 

Yesterday, at Queenie’s school, Yara said that she wanted to study the ancient remedy in her office tonight. 

“The remedy is at my house. You can study it too,” Yara said. 

Haylan was stunned. “This… isn’t too good, right?” 

If he went to Yara’s room to study it alone, what would he do if they ended up on the bed? 

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