The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 10 by moonlight muse

10. Our Incentives
“I just wanted to say welcome.” The pretty little blond says as she holds out the hamper filled with chocolates, wine and a mug with my initials.
How thoughtful… but I’m a little busier admiring her breasts.
“Beautiful,” I say with a smile as I reach over and take the hamper from her She smells good, expensive perfume and, of course, her own scent is pleasant enough.
She blushes and bites her lips as I place it down on my desk. Despite there being a shared teachers’ lounge, I am an Arden and so of course that comes with perks. After all, our father is one of the ones who made this all possible.
“Thank you… oh wait you meant the hamper, yes thank you I made it!” She gushes and I smirk, leaning. against my desk
“I actually did mean you.” I say softly.
So fickle.

She tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear as she looks up at me with eyes that hold lust.
“Thanks.” She says, no longer as coy as she was. “If you do need anything or want anything. I’m always.
I stand up and close the gap between us. “Stop by once you’re done with work.” I say, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear.
“Absolutely.” She says, “I’m Martha.”
Ugly name.
She suits something får better.

“Beautiful name.” I lie smoothly. “For professional reasons, let’s keep this a secret.”
“Oh absolutely.” She says, biting her plump little lips. I motion to the door with my head and she walks off, sashaying her hips. She’s got a s*xy figure and in that pencil skirt and sheer tights she looks rather fine…
I smirk to myself once the door shuts, walking around my desk to my chair and taking a seat. I slip my two phones out of my pocket, placing one on the table and switch the other on, frowning as I look at the messages on the screen. Irritation flits through me and I toss it onto the table.
Despite what I did… why was the scent of him when he returned the other night so much like hers… did he end up meeting her at the club or is it just me being paranoid… the smell of sex was far more overpowering from him… Was it all in my mind?
He’s so careless… so s*upid.

I open my laptop and log on, opening the file on Alejandro’s daughter. She’s a pretty one, both of his daughters are, but the other one is far too innocent. Although I think she would have been an easier target, it just would feel wrong. This one though… she’s a little rebel, and she’s no newbie to sex and sin.
I smirk as I skim through her likes and dislikes… I’ve done some extensive research, and then, of course, all the intel that came directly from her… how careless.
I’m sure I’ll be able to make my way into that mind of hers and break her into submission. I always like a challenge and this one will prove no less of one.
I glance at the clock on the opposite wall. Lunch soon…
Time to make my second move or should I say third?
I enter the dinner hall, and it doesn’t take long for me to spot her, she’s all in black, carrying a tray of food out into the grounds. Perfect. I get my own lunch and head outside. She’s sitting on one of the benches, playing with her food. Her vibrant green eyes snap to me and I give her a smile.
“Afternoon.” She responds, glancing down at her plate as she continues to eat.
“You don’t seem to be in the best of moods. Anything I can help with?” I ask, taking the seat opposite her “I’m perfectly fine.” She says.
“We all say that. It’s irritating when someone keeps asking if you are alright isn’t it?” I sigh, picking up my fork and taking the lid off my pasta.
I’m glad the food is of the best quality at least, although the plastic tubs are not to my liking.
I glance up at her, feeling her watching me, and she looks away. “Sometimes.” She shrugs.
“Of course, harder when people love to jump the gun. I heard that you’re quite the strong one. If you ever want some personal training alone, I would be more than happy to help you. I can assure you, I’d enjoy it.”
She c*cks a brow. “Hmm. You’re different…” she muses.
“Than Royce?” I ask, raising an eyebrow

“Maybe.” She says with a smirk. “Tell me, are you the fun brother?”
“I’m not so sure about the fun one, but I’m definitely the one with his head screwed on straight.” I wink, rewarded with her smirk growing.
“Yeah, he’s got a butt plug or something stuck up his a*s. That’s gotten lost up there or something.”
I chuckle. “I couldn’t agree more.”
“Why did you want to meet me?” She asks quietly.
“Actually, I wanted to ask about Malevolent. I hope her leg is ok?”
“Yeah… it is. Did I mention her name to you?” She asks, frowning.
“You were talking to her when we were at yours. It’s not a name I’ll forget.” I say, opening my water bottle.
“Hm, so what’s your other reason for wanting to meet me?”
“Isn’t that enough? I smile.

“Not really, everyone has motives… is it my father? Because if you think sucking up to me will get you into his good books, you’re wrong. Or maybe, which I doubt, it’s something else.” She sits forward, and I have to admit, she is stunning her dark hair is a gorgeous contrast to her vibrant eyes.
She’s my type. maybe a lot more daring than most women in terms of personality and dressing than others, but still I can get used to her. She has a body made to sin… I
I sit forward too, resting my elbows on the table on either side of my tray.
“Your smart and maybe you are right but I assure you I have no ill intentions. “I cast a glance around before I tilt my head. “I was concerned for your cat, and I do want to help with your training, but I will not
deny that you intrigue me. Or is that wrong just because I’m supposed to be your teacher?” I murmur quietly
Her gaze dips to my lips and I run my tongue alone between them slowly, knowing exactly how that works. I love doing things I shouldn’t,” she smirks 1 don’t mind breaking the rules.”
“Makes two of us. Our eyes meet, and I see a glimmer of confusion in her eyes, and I swiftly change the topic “However, on a serious note, if you do need help with training or controlling your abilities, I can help Growing up, my brother and I were expected to be in control all the time, it gets hard. The expectations, the judgement, even the self-doubt, so I understand and so the offer stands.”
“Thanks I’ll consider it, but I’m certain you will regret it if I did end up agreeing.” She says, admiring her
Tll be waiting to be proven otherwise.” I counter, as I dig into my food
I think that went well.

“Just like that.” I purr huskily, tightening my grip on her blond locks. She’s on her knees under my table as she blows me. The sound of her slurping and gagging fills the room, mixed with the smell of her arousal. I’m close, sitting at the edge of my seat, as I slam my c*ck down her throat.
“Aleric, I need to talk to you. Now”
His voice is full of anger, and I frown slightly as pleasure ripples through me.
Ok brother, calm down’ I reply, guess he heard about me suggesting training Skyla.
“Meet me on the Basketball court.”

“Sure, just give me fifteen or twenty minutes. I’m just a little busy I reply through the link as I look at Martha, yanking her back.
I’m not done, Alpha.” She looks disappointed.
“I have somewhere to be, and I don’t want to leave a lady hanging.” I say, tugging her up and turning her 1 push her down onto my desk. Yanking her skirt up, I tear her tights from her a*s and push aside her panties.
“Oh my!” She giggles.
“I’m sorry I can’t be more of a gentleman today.” I whisper in her ear, kissing her neck. She turns her head, wanting to kiss me but I’d rather not. I lean back, my hand still fisted in her hair as I slam into her and begin f*cking her fast.
Pleasure rushes through me as she screams underneath me in a very not lady-like manner and it doesn’t take long before she comes. Her juices trickle down her legs, and I s*ank her a*s hard making her cry out. I c*ck a brow, she was far more turned on than I thought.
She gasps as I pull out and yank her back, pushing her down onto her knees.

“Open wide.” I murmur and she obeys, wrapping her hand around my c*ck and taking it into her mouth as she tries to recover from her o*gasm, her legs giving way beneath her and she grabs onto my desk for support
She whimpers in pleasure as she continues to blow me until I’m almost near I let out a groan as I tip over the edge and shoot my load into her mouth. She gags, and I tug her off
I’m done.
I tuck my c*ck back into my pants, breathing hard from the release.
“Please do clean up this mess before you leave, I wouldn’t want anyone to know what happened…” I say before I crouch down in front of her where she’s still gasping for breath and pinch her chin, forcing her to look up. A soft smile lingers on her lips, her cheeks flushed.
Ah, a picture of a woman completely satiated…..
“I will, Alpha Aleric.”

“Good girl.” I respond, before my smile fades. “And one more thing No one is to know what happens between us. Understood?” I ask, letting my alpha command roll off me. I may not be her pack Alpha, but being a powerful one, it will have some effect on her.
“Oh, not at all Alpha.” She mewls.
I smirk.
“Perfect, same time tomorrow?”
“Of course!”
She glances at my lips and instead I peck her forehead before standing up, I don’t bother looking back as I exit to go find my dear brother.
It’s not long before I find him on the football pitch, running around the perimeter, and I make my way over
to him.
“I thought you said the basketball court”
He turns and looks at me. “Yeah, I did. You’re early.” He responds, shoving past me
1 underestimated her “I say. He glances back at me, and I wink
He looks away, clearly not interested.
“We need to talk.”

“You did say that.” I say as I shove my hands into my pockets. “I see Colton had a word with you, but rest assured, Skyla didn’t seem to mind the suggestion.”
He clenches his jaw, coming to a stop and turns to me. “Because I came here to do my job, I’m pis*ed. I don’t need you to do it for me, Aleric!” He snarls
I tilt my head, wondering when we became so far apart… I miss the brother who looked up to me… even if I’m only a little older…. 2
“I know, but I’m here for a reason, and I don’t care if it means I’m stepping over the line. If dad knew you have the chance and you’re not working on it…. you know what he will do.”
He clenches his jaw and shakes his head. “Maybe. but we both know she’s struggling. Why are your trying to take advantage of that?”
“Struggling? I don’t think so… she knows what she wants.” I reply, c*cking a brow. “Or is it that somehow you have feelings for her? Why so defensive Royce?”
“She doesn’t know what she wants. Just like you, Aleric, you don’t know what you want from life. You want Dad’s title? Don’t worry, it’s yours. I’m happy to go to America.”
“Oh? The thing is Dad thinks you’re the one he needs to keep in line. He wants you here.” I respond lightly
“I’ll refuse him, but don’t try to compete with me on this one. Don’t bring her into this game that should stay between our fathers.”
He cares..

I feel bitter I know he’ll try to thwart my goal.
“I’ll stay out of your way you stay out of mine we’ll see what happens when the time comes.” I say quietly.
“This is not a game. Don’t lose the person you once were, Aleric.” There’s disappointment in his eyes and I look away, staring at the ground. The frost that clung to the ground was disappearing from beneath my feet. 2
“You are delusional Royce. I’m not the one who has changed, you have. Why do you think Jade left you?” Touchy subject, but I’m not here to play.
His eyes flash, and he clenches his jaw.

“We no longer clicked. You’re blinded Aleric and when that truth hits you, you’re going to realise it’s too late. Remember that.” His voice is as cold as his eyes-cold as his power. I’m done with this conversation Aleric, if you plan to hurt her… I will not back down either
“Let’s not make it out that I am the villain here… it’s you. You see… the hero will sacrifice everything for the world… You, my foolish brother, will sacrifice the world for the girl? You know who we are, our legacy, our birthright. For your own mere selfish beliefs, you will cast it all aside?”
7 will never do what I feel is wrong and if that makes me an enemy to the court of Solaria… then so be it.” With those words, he walks off, his power radiating off him in waves.
But the words he spoke have ignited a wave of anger within me and all I can do is watch him walk away. as I try to stop myself from burning everything in my wake.

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