The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 161

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 161

Jadie unbuckled her seatbelt and opened the car door. Just before stepping out, she couldn’t hold back her words, “Zach, don’t you have anything to say to me?”

Zach didn’t look at her. He stared out the car window and said, “You have exams soon. Don’t worry about this stuff.”

Tears welled up in Jadie’s eyes. Biting her lip, she wanted to say more, but the words stayed inside. She had been prepared to hear Zach’s explanation, even if it was just one sentence, but he didn’t offer any.

Feeling let down, Jadie left the car, wondering, ‘What do I really mean to him?”

Meanwhile, instead of heading to Class Six, Madelyn went straight to the office to meet her new homeroom teacher.

After she completed the process to change classes, it was almost time for class.

Madelyn went back to Class Six to gather her textbooks and practice books from her desk. As soon as the students saw her come in, the classroom suddenly became noisy.

“Wait, is Madelyn seriously leaving our class?”

“Look, the Class One homeroom teacher is waiting for her… She’s really going!”

Some of them were e, “How about we make a bet? Let’s see how long she lasts in Class One.”

“I bet a hundred bucks she won’t even make it three days.”

“I say one day…”

Ignoring those comments, Madelyn left the classroom with her bag. “Ms. Hann, I’m ready. Let’s go.”

Hailey Hann was the best teacher in Ventropolis, and the students she taught were the brightest.

Madelyn wasn’t sure if she could keep up with Class One’s performance.

Hailey led the way, carrying books, and told her about Class One’s rules, “In my class, you follow my rules. No dating. And for six months before the college entrance exam, only focus on studying.

“We have two 45-minute evening classes, and you should go to the cafeteria thirty minutes later than before.

“The learning might be harder than you think. If it’s too much, you can still change your mind now. And, if your grades drop, or you’re not in the top thirty in the school, you’ll have to leave. Clear?”

“Got it.”

Each class had about thirty students, and all thirty students in Class One were the top thirty in the school. Last time, Madelyn was the only one who made it to the top thirty even though she

wasn’t from Class One.

Hailey brought Madelyn to the classroom. After introducing herself briefly, Madelyn took the third seat at the front.

Seats were assigned based on students’ academic performance.

Madelyn felt how serious everyone was about studying here. They were all engrossed in practice test papers. It was different from Class Six, where girls chatted about makeup and boys showed off their sneakers.

When Hailey left, the first class started.

Madelyn paid attention and took notes in every class. She was managing well and understood most of the lessons.

However, the challenge was the extra evening classes, which meant she couldn’t attend her usual after-school lessons.

The amount of homework had become twice as much as before.

After a few morning classes, she found herself holding eight sets of practice tests. During breaks, she didn’t even have a moment to use the restroom; she was fully focused on answering questions in those practice papers.

Only by doing so, she could keep her mind occupied.

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