The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 162

The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning By Max Charming chapter 162

The students in Class One were always busy studying. They spent their days learning lessons. and didn’t have much time for anything else. Even though they came from important families and had great talents, they worked really hard. Madelyn really liked this kind of learning


Suddenly, Madelyn’s table moved a bit as a girl sat on it. She had a long ponytail, curly brown hair, and a slim body. She was almost as tall as Madelyn. The girl peeked at Madelyn’s chest and asked. “Why is your cup size so big? Do you eat a lot?” Then she remembered and said, You’re the new kid in our class, right? Your name is… Madelyn, isn’t it?”

Madelyn was surprised. She hadn’t expected anyone in Class One to remember her name because no one really paid attention when she introduced herself. They were all busy with their own things.

“I’m Yvonne Young. Let’s be friends! We can eat lunch together. What food do you like? It’s on


Yvonne Young? Madelyn thought, ‘It sounds so familiar…’ Then she remembered, “The Young family? The daughter from the Young family Father talked about today… Could she be the one?”

Madelyn found it strange for Hayson to pay so much attention to the Young family. He had even told Zach to be nice to the Young family’s daughter. But it did not take long for her to figure out what Hayson was planning.

She remembered things from her past life. Hayson had never agreed to Madelyn and Zach’s marriage, and she didn’t know why. After Hayson died, they got married with just a paper – no ceremony, no flowers.

Madelyn came back from her memories and smiled at Yvonne. “Okay!” she said, as a new idea

had just come to her.

Yvonne Young, who had adopted her mother’s surname, was the rightful heir to the Young family, the owners of YTCorp. She was also Ethan Arnold’s half-sister. Madelyn understood that Hayson wanted to set up Zach with Yvonne, so he could benefit from the Young family’s


‘As for Zach, he might take YTCorp from the Young family when the time is right. Then he can have control of YTCorp and the power to get back at the Jent family. That’s what he wants the most, and He’ll do whatever it takes…’ Madelyn thought, ‘But if Zach marries Yvonne, maybe

it could work out for me.’

The Young family’s influence and the Arnold family’s power held equal strength. Madelyn believed she could achieve her goals by befriending Yvonne rather than becoming too involved with Ethan. She reasoned, ‘First, Zach should consider the Young family’s power

before forcing his actions on me. Second, if Yvonne and Zach become a couple, it could alter the course of my relationship with Zach. Third… If I become a close friend of Yvonne, Zach might spare me.’

In her previous life, Madelyn’s closest friend, Cecilia Samford, had betrayed her by having an affair with Zach and even starting a family with him. This hurt Madelyn deeply, making it difficult for her to trust friendships again.

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